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Infiltrator Arrested Following Failed Sith Imperium Plot
Posted by: Teroch Qir-zan, MandaPharma
Date: Year 22 Day 47 Onboard the Defender-class Light Corvette [QIR] Ori'beskar Gett'se in system Toprawa (190, 302).

MandaPharma CEO Teroch Qir-zan has issued a statement announcing the death of Sith Imperium hopeful Komik Ki, following his attempted infiltration of MandaPharma. In a press room filled with the scent of frying bird, Mr. Qir-zan released the following statement.

"False Sith, Arthur von Kaldreon, attempted to recruit two of our people recently. We believe one intended to work as a double agent. Naturally, MandaPharma could not allow this to stand and therefore decided to arrest the wannabe Sith agent before he could cause any damage to the organization. This is the Sith Imperium's third failed infiltrator in recent weeks, it is quite embarrassing really."

The Sith Imperium initially denied the attempt, yet knew exactly who the infiltrator was. Unfortunately, following an accident involving hot oil and eleven herbs and spices, the accused spy died in custody, en route to his trial. MandaPharma offered to return the body of their newest recruit for a small fee to cover administrative costs, however, the offer was refused with the following statement.

"[He meant] Nothing, Komik Ki merely made it where he can’t rejoin us is all." It is unsurprising that the Sith Imperium would care little for the lives of their recruits in light of their poor track record on this matter in past conflicts.

In entirely unrelated news, the Qir-zan Eateries restaurant chain has also announced a new menu item, Korriban Fried Fosh, which uses a recipe borrowed from a retired military officer. Early reviews have included comments such as "Finger Lickin' Good" and "I could eat that by the bucket".

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Events in Brief
Year 22 Day 62: Kohl Straffer, the leader of Crimson Dawn was replaced today by Xanxus Drol.
Year 22 Day 62: Xanxus Drol, the leader of Crimson Dawn was replaced today by Kohl Straffer.
Year 22 Day 62: The ease with which Spectre had visibly improved the economy of Kothlis Asteroid Field has made it increasingly obvious to Kothlis Asteroid Field's citizens that Spectre would make more than sufficient leadership, and have called together a council, intended to hand over authority to Spectre.
Year 22 Day 61: It seems today that while Dukha Industrial may be successful when it comes to production, they are less than apt when it comes to governing a planet, and the citizens of Horuz Belt Object V have finally come to realise this and have seized control intent on turning it over to a planetary body within several days.
Year 22 Day 61: The Peacekeepers has been renamed to Trade Spine League. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 22 Day 61: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Zero Gravity specializes in Trading and will be led by Kirlan Krane. The first headquarters of Zero Gravity opened today in Cardota on Cardota.
Year 22 Day 60: Cong`liddo Nollaig, the leader of The Peacekeepers was replaced today by Sekou Tau.
Year 22 Day 60: After a show of proverbial muscle on the part of The Peacekeepers, the citizens of Horuz Belt Object VI have decided that it would be best if they were to simply hand power over to The Peacekeepers, as opposed to continuing to hold out and possibly encouraging a more hostile takeover.