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Black Sun Seizes Qella System
Posted by: Corvis Orion, Black Sun
Date: Year 22 Day 317 Onboard the Imperial I-class Star Destroyer [BSS] Quietus in system Qella (155, 385).

Greetings. This is Special Reporter Propina Ganda of the Black Sun News Network, coming to you with an exciting update live from the newly liberated planet of Maltha Obex in the Qella System.

Early last month, urgent intelligence was uncovered by agents of the Black Watch. The Hutt Cartel, formerly led by Vorraga Zuuma, was on the verge of fracturing. Seeing an opportunity to seize the planet from the slimy hands of the Cartel, the Dark Prince ordered a covert operation to begin. Through clever and judicious use of funds, agents were able to gain access through the Cartel’s shields to access the planet's surface. The forces of the Collective have since worked tirelessly to bring relief to the citizens of Maltha Obex, and secure it against any further threats, feeble as they may be.

Also mobilized were the Maurari Blackguard, conducting counter-insurgency operations from their Star Destroyer in orbit. Partnering with the Black Watch, the Blackguard made swift work of the encroaching Rebel cell. After several small skirmishes with the partisans attempting to establish a foothold on the planet, they were successfully driven off.

Since securing the planet several weeks ago, all efforts have been put towards improving the lives of its citizens by improving living conditions. Calling upon the full industrial might of the collective, the Family Council, led by the Dark Prince himself, arrived and went to work leading the construction. The first wave of relief involved mass construction of comfortable and affordable housing, as well as the installation of a new planetary defense shield to replace the mismanaged existing shield network. Planetary improvement efforts are still ongoing.

The situation is much improved now after weeks of furious activity. The first week was heartbreaking, seeing the population in such despair after the poor rule by the Hutts. The general mood is hopeful for the future as things continue to improve. While the situation on the surface has improved, it should be noted that civilian travel to and from the planet will continue to be closely monitored and restricted in order to hinder the activities of any Hutt loyalists.

When asked for comment, Vigo Orion replied on behalf of the Family Council. “The Black Sun is committed to the security of our territory. We are glad to at last bring the residents of Maltha Obex under our protection. We are sure that, in time, the residents will repay our kindness with loyalty and diligence.”

This is Special Reporter Propina Ganda, signing off.

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