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Cantrell Conglomerate and Jawa Offworld Enterprises Finalize Historic Trade Agreement
Posted by: Avelyn ca Vella, Cantrell Consulting
Date: Year 23 Day 112 From the Tavern Twin Suns Cantina in Bestine on Tatooine (296, -248).

Tatooine, Arkanis – This galactically broadcast press release comes to you from a BD-3000 Protocol Droid identified by designation Cortex. This release was authorized by the signature of the Cantrell Conglomerate President, Danae de Chatillon.

Trade Agreement Reached
Trade agreement reached between Cantrell and JOE

In a landmark agreement for the citizens of Ord Cantrell and the entrepreneurial Jawas of Tatooine, Governor Artemis de Chatillon and Vice Grand Commodore Kolomon Seph formally signed a trade agreement to bring additional trade and commerce to both planets. Ord Cantrell would transfer ownership of several taverns across Upezzo Jubinloo and Tortuga to Jawa Offworld Enterprises through this accord. At the same time, the Cantrell Conglomerate would proprietarily own numerous taverns within Bestine and surrounding cities on Tatooine.

In celebration of the second-largest cultural export of Tatoo, this agreement signifies an ingrained relationship between the two parties, providing both citizenries with goods and services that previously were harder to acquire. Now citizens of Tortuga can enjoy the exciting tavern life that Tatooine has to offer, while the Hutts and Jawas can appreciate the rare alcohols from the underground distilleries of Ord Cantrell.

After ratifying the agreement, Governor de Chatillon made a short statement to the eager press pool. "This agreement is great for the people of both Tatooine and Ord Cantrell. Aside from the exotic goods that each party can enjoy, it allows the largest bounty hunting network in the galaxy, operated by Cantrell Consulting, to become engrained within one of its fellow jewels of the Outer Rim, giving both visitors and residents easy access to an additional source of revenue. You'll hear of additional partnerships soon via the Cantrell Chronicle, and we're very proud of our growing relationship with Kolo and the Jawa Offworld Enterprises. If you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with a Jawa about a droid exchange."

Swap Meet

Citizens of the galaxy should know that the Swap Meet starts today at the Mos Espa Grand Arena on Tatooine. All walks of life are welcome to engage in trade and commerce under the protection of the Jawa. If navigational charts within your vessel are outdated, coordinates are as follows - The Arkanis Sector, (296, -248) (6, 12). Surface location for the Grand Arena: (9, 8)

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Year 25 Day 8: CorSec has been renamed to Honnete Mercantiles Capital Group. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
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