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Imperial Union Announces Major Change
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, The Faerytail Family
Date: Year 23 Day 132 Onboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser TFF Happy Harpy in system Messert (245, 75).

Faerytail Capital, Messert III, Mytaranor (FNN) - The Imperial Union met early last month in the resplendent chambers of Grand Parliament to discuss an amendment to the Imperial Union charter that would ease the entrance of new members to the exclusive network. The final proposal, which was sponsored by the  Faerytail Family, shifts the way applications are considered for Provisional membership in the Union.  After robust discussion and several weeks of legal reviews, the amendment was accepted unanimously by the Imperial Union’s membership bodies.  The changes to the provisions governing new membership into the Union were heralded by all four constituent governments as exciting and dynamic.  

Full membership within the Imperial Union has wide ranging effects for the member states, with access to restricted military technology, intelligence and even greater levels of economic cooperation. The Press Corps clamored for explanations of the impetus as Imperial Union delegates departed the central headquarters on Raithal II. However, it was our news agency that received the first first instructive explanation on the adaptations. The changes are detailed below.

1.  Prospective Provisional members cannot be affiliated with, may not form economic partnerships with, may not sell restricted tech to (either directly or through an intermediary), or otherwise support or aid IU enemies.

2.  Prospective Provisional members cannot be affiliated with, may not form economic partnerships with, may not sell restricted tech to (either directly or through an intermediary), or otherwise support or aid Criminal Entities.

3.  Prospective Provisional members agree to a NAP (Non Aggression Pact) with all IU members and may volunteer credits, personnel, materials, intelligence, or any combination thereof during times of crisis.

4.  Prospective Provisional members must have four or more top level employees on their management team and agree to sending one stock to any Executive or Parliamentary member of their choice. 

5.  Prospective Provisional members must have been formed at least 1 year before they can be considered for admission.

While these are the basic requirements, all Prospective Provisional members are still subject to a vote by the Parliamentary and Executive members.  The monarch of the Faerytail Family, King-Father Simkin Dragoneel (Sims), and the primary sponsor for the amendment issued the following statement to the galaxy as a whole:

“The Imperial Union is the strongest military and economic alliance that is in existence in the galaxy today, and is a beacon for our core values: Order, Prosperity, and Peace.  The standard of being able to join such an illustrious group has been extremely high ever since the current charter was adopted over nine years ago. So high, in fact, that other than the founding members only The Faerytail Family has been able to ascend past Provisional status to become full members of the Union.  While it is well and prudent for unwavering trust and lofty requirements to be a part of the Military Alliance, the charter has always contained provisions for those that are only a part of our Economic Alliance. 

The new clear requirements will ease the challenge of viewing prospective candidates by laying out concrete requirements short of the highest standards that are expected by the Military Alliance level.  These expectations resulted in many groups becoming isolated that also wish for Order, Prosperity, and Peace. This has led to feelings of  reluctance or even unworthiness which prevented attempts to join our Union.  The Faerytail Family, as well as the rest of the Imperial Union, would like you to know that is not the case.  

Everyone that shuns crime and wishes to contribute to the Prosperity of all has worth. And our Union would like to give you the opportunity to prove that.  Inversely, not only would you be able to contribute to the galaxy but you would also reap the benefits of joining the largest Economic Alliance in the galaxy.  The Imperial Union represents over a fourth of the entire population of the galaxy and all four members are economic superpowers in their own right.  Provisional membership comes with free non-military tech from other alliance members, access to economic benefits not available to the public, and assistance from some of the top business minds in the galaxy.”

To clarify some of the requirements, the enemies of the Imperial Union are the Rebel Alliance and its allies, the member states of Galactic Alliance, and the terrorist group Zann Consortium and their subsidiaries and various criminal elements. The Rebel Alliance is in a declared war with the Galactic Empire and allies which has been ongoing for years. Unlike the facade wars the GA has declared against the Zann Consortium and Hellions while still maintaining military, intelligence and economic cooperation, the war between the Empire and Rebel Alliance is fought in earnest. Criminal groups include all Pirate organizations such as Eidola and associated holding companies such as the Cantrell Conglomerate. Terrorist organizations that plague the galaxy such as the Hellions or The Skulls Swoop Gang, and other organized criminal groups who gain their wealth through acts of scamming, stealing, and cheating other sentients such as Blue Star Engineering.

This is in sharp contrast with the other two major alliances in the galaxy.  The Galactic Concordiate, whose initial organization was heralded by neutral governments has slowly revealed itself to be more of a failed economic alliance than anything else. Fears of being drawn into wars without any economic gain forced the galaxy spanning alliance to focus itself on economic exploitation of like minded organizations. Loose affiliations outside of economic agreements that fail to offer regional security seemingly stand for nothing. Their stated lack of tolerance for criminals is tainted by duplicitous behavior in which some legitimate groups are labeled ‘criminal’ due to personal issues or jealousy of the GC leadership, without any actual criminal acts committed by those falsely accused.  An even bigger contrast is The Rebel Alliance and Galactic Alliance, who preach Freedom, Liberty, and Peace while either directly funding crime and violence or having their allies being unrepentant criminals themselves. 

The Rebellion, under various leadership, including that of Orion Chran, continues to fund the terrorist group Dark Star Hellions (Zann) as well as providing military assets. The rebellion's purchases of real estate blocks to control three formerly owned Hellion planets fund the rogue nation state, as well as directly funding them for intelligence support in a wide ranging attempt to subvert Union rule. These acts by the rebels betray the very ideals of “freedom” they say they represent. In fact, the outright bloodlust and pointless genocide of millions and billions has been financially supported by the former New Republic and the remnants of the organization that comprise the Rebel Alliance.  One of the Rebel Alliance’s direct allies, Blue Star Engineering, acquired their meager wealth by scamming Aurodium Legion out of 20 billion credits, stealing their founding assets, selling out one of their own members–Varro Belle–for a foreign bounty, and other assorted crimes. The Rebel Alliance’s blatant disregard for their supposed ideology and own rule of law is evident in the display of despot nepotism and corruption within the highest levels of government.

The citizens of the Galactic Alliance continue to be subjected to morally bankrupt and virtueless leadership, which masquerades as fighters for free democracy but is in fact controlled by tyrannical oligarchy. They represent the epitome of self-indulgence and corrupt practice.  Among their members is The Resistance, a government founded on criminal looting who are now attempting to extort the galaxy with a huge fee for blueprints to their recent new ship for hundreds of millions of credits while not having spent a credit on development.  Most Galactic Alliance members have similar experiences, prompting many officers of the Galactic Alliance to realize the corrupt, malicious indoctrination which in turn spurred their flight to the Union. The former GA personnel fight with such vigor against their former leaders it seems undeniable they have realized the Galactic Alliance, and their allies, are no more than terrorists. Terrorists who would use violence, and threats of violence, to achieve political and religious change.

Empress Inwe Ventidius of the Galactic Empire issued a statement following the conclusion of the historic poll, “There are forces of Order and Disorder that move in our galaxy. It is incumbent upon us to offer opportunities for high fidelity organizations and governments to participate in the expansion of mutual ideals, security and dividends. The Imperial Union members look forward with anticipation to expanding alliances and diminishing the influences of chaos and disharmony that are constantly at war with Order.”  

It is the hope of the Imperial Union that more discerning leaders will come to understand the real issues impacting the galaxy today and choose to join the side that promotes Order, Prosperity, and Peace.  If the leaders of such groups or governments meet the new requirements passed by the Grand Parliament and would like to begin the process of IU membership it is easily initiated by contacting a leader of the Imperial Union. For those leaders that have questions regarding these requirements please contact any of the designated Imperial representatives.  Those leaders are Dark Prince Jeor Knight, King-Father Simkin Dragoneel, King Fooj Iwajo, and Empress Inwe Ventidius.  

May Order, Prosperity, and Peace continue to shape the galaxy.

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Events in Brief
Year 23 Day 213: Tomas O`Cuinn, the leader of Blue Star Enforcement was replaced today by Victor O`Cuinn.
Year 23 Day 213: Victor O`Cuinn, the leader of Blue Star Enforcement was replaced today by Tomas O`Cuinn.
Year 23 Day 213: A new treaty was established on Celen today between governing officials and diplomats from Sienar Conglomerate; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.
Year 23 Day 213: Machiezmo Juggalo, the leader of Deep Automation Manufacturing Nexus was replaced today by Elegos Ryder.
Year 23 Day 213: House of Ballads has been renamed to Deep Automation Manufacturing Nexus. The press is still waiting for comments on the change.
Year 23 Day 213: Elegos Ryder, the leader of House of Ballads was replaced today by Machiezmo Juggalo.
Year 23 Day 213: Rather than fall in line with Sienar Conglomerate's recent requests, Celen issued a release today announcing that they have formally accepted the more conciliatory terms of a planetary body, and have declared Sienar Conglomerate a criminal organization on their planet.
Year 23 Day 212: Lara Navos, the leader of Cantrell Institute of the Arts was replaced today by Tann Sivron.
Year 23 Day 212: A new information group began broadcasting today. The Legacy of Ithor will be led by Wynk Waawat and opened its first headquarters in ORE (3,0) on Xo I.
Year 23 Day 211: K`ala Zaktu, the leader of Galactic Traders Union was replaced today by Nicroxio Calamari.