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Koensayr Manufacturing Launches Salvo of Lawsuits
Posted by: Raptor Cardel, Koensayr Manufacturing
Date: Year 23 Day 230 Onboard the Golan II [KM] Control and Containment in system Vahaba Asteroid Belt (140, 260).

Year 23 - Vahaba Asteroid Belt

Sources within the Trade Federation have reported that the resurgent corporation known as Koensayr Manufacturing has brought a series of lawsuits to bear against both the Galactic Bank and Incom Corporation, alleging that both companies have violated their intellectual property rights.

Koensayr Manufacturing previously sold the production rights for the BTL-S3 Y-Wing to avoid bankruptcy, offering both the schematics and the rights to produce the craft exclusively. This craft had been one of Koensayr’s most popular offerings, having been the backbone of the New Republic Navy’s bomber wings, and having spread throughout thousands of worlds, from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim. With the understanding that components offered for repair and servicing would remain a Koensayr exclusive privilege, the board authorized the sale of the production rights for the BTL-S3.

Koensayr Manufacturing alleges that immediately after the sale was finalized, the Galactic Bank began illegally manufacturing proprietary components independently from assembled fighter craft. The components in question are the Np-K36 Ejection Seat, the R-200 Ion Jet Engine, and the R300-H Hyperdrive Motivator. Koensayr alleges that the Galactic Bank illegally and unethically produced the components for the BTL-S3 to sell individually on the market for non-standard applications, such as ‘Ugly’ starfighter variants, further eroding Koensayr’s market share.

Small clients view several Y-Wings under construction

Rumours have long persisted amongst independent servicing stations that Galactic Bank-built Y-Wings have minor altered technical specifications along with proprietary electrical connectors, to render all caches of older Koensayr parts as well any newer manufactured Koensayr parts incompatible with the Galactic Bank-built Y-Wings. Such an act would violate many ‘right to repair’ laws in many systems, as well as bring some level of corporate liability upon the Galactic Bank.

For some time, Koensayr has seemed reticent, with few sentients outside the boardroom knowing the machinations of the venerable and storied manufacturer. It seems that today we see the once-slumbering beast wake. Not content to wage war on one front alone, Koensayr Manufacturing has also set its sights on Incom Corporation. Raptor Cardel, Master Shipwright of the company, organized a press conference on Vahaba 11, the administrative headquarters for Keonsayr Manufacturing, to explain the merits behind the lawsuit. Attached is a recording of the press conference:

Vahaba 11 - Koensayr Manufacturing Headquarters

“Good afternoon everyone, thank you for joining us here today.  As you have no doubt heard, Koensayr Manufacturing is on the offensive. Our company has historic and deep roots in the industry of vehicle and starfighter manufacturing. Founded from the remnants of Lhosan Manufacturing after the Sacking of Taris, we were forged in conflict and we have weathered many in the long years since. Our age and origins gave us a unique perspective and understanding of when to fly below sensor range and when to swoop in with weapons hot. We have launched an extensive lawsuit against both the Galactic Bank and the Incom Corporation; the former being nothing more than a glorified laundromat for ill-gotten wealth, the latter being a rebel military cell masquerading as a production company. By filing these lawsuits today with the Trade Federation, it is our intent to force a stop-sale on both companies that have violated our intellectual properties. Furthermore, we intend to recoup the lost revenues incurred due to these blatant infringements.”

Master Shipwright Raptor Cardel solemnly nodded and gestured for reporters to lower their hands.

“I will be taking questions at the end of the conference. Your patience is appreciated. The Galactic Bank has for years been profiting off the investments of others - investments of not only credits but labour, time, and emotional energy. Investments that Koensayr made, only to be robbed by a bank. Incom Corporation is even more brazen, claiming ownership and the rights to produce the starfighter in the name of ‘freedom’. Many critically ill former Z-95 Headhunter pilots can attest to the cancerous danger of Incom’s own 2A Fission Engine. Incom, clearly no longer an independent manufacturer now but an extension of a rebellion, appears incapable of any form of their own innovation, so they had to steal our starfighter to keep from poisoning their own clientele.

“While we ourselves have been quiet, we have not been inactive. Small-scale manufacturing has lumbered on, while our attention primarily focused on research and development. Research and development represent a monumental, dare I say - Colossal- investment. With the release of the Colossal-Class Heavy Carrier several years ago, Koensayr Manufacturing was the first company to market with a direct competitor to the Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler and the Modular Taskforce Cruiser. After the success of the Colossal-Class Heavy Carrier, our research and development team returned their focus to what we do best - Starfighters.”

Koensayr employees performing routine inspections during construction

Reporters once more shot their hands into the air, all clamouring for a chance to discuss the possibility of a new release. Cardel motioned once more for quiet.

“Koensayr has been hard at work on the development of a new starfighter, Project Next Revolution, a cutting edge and modern vessel in compliance with Galactic Government ordinance regulations. While still in the extremely early stages of development, we’re proud to show off the first conceptual designs for Koensayr's new R-750 Ion Jet Engine.” 

Displayed for the reporters to see are the schematics for Project NR-2 illuminated by an interactive holoprojector.

“Although several years away from a full commercial release, Koensayr Manufacturing is hard at work developing our new starfighter. Testing of the superstructure is already taking place across the galaxy, gathering real-world conditions in both atmospheric and vacuum-based environments. While we’re confident that our starfighter will be the best on the market, we also recognize the potential impacts the R750 will have on aftermarket industries. Those who manufacture ‘Ugly’ starfighters with our componentry - we see you.” Cardel appeared to be beaming in pride as reporters once more clamoured for his attention before being hushed.

“We’ll expect to be taking pre-orders on the R-750 crate engine as early as next year. Those who have already placed orders for our existing line of products - Star Sabers Mark One and Two, the Toscan 8-Q and the current BTL-S3 Y-Wing Starfighters - Koensayr Manufacturing will be proud to offer a return program at the time of the release of our new starfighter. Should you wish to upgrade to the newest the galaxy has to offer, simply return your Koensayr Manufacturing-built starfighter for a prorated credit towards a Next Revolution starfighter upon their release. More details of this program will be released closer to the launch of Project Next Revolution.” The Diathim offered a glowingly warm grin to the reporters on hand, spreading his hands towards them in invitation. “I’ll take your questions now, then.”

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