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Galactic Concordiate Redux
Posted by: Dru Snotz, Aurodium Legion
Date: Year 23 Day 250 Onboard the Lucrehulk-class Battleship Independence in system Aphran (-70, 155).

Year 23 Day 250

The camera pans to seven leaders, each standing at a podium with their government crest on it.. Five colorful banners hang in the background representing each of the governments that are seated there. A rather tall Amani with a cybernetic eye begins to talk from his podium.


“Good day. Thank you all for joining us here for this momentous occasion. My name is Dru Snotz, and I am the new Magistrate for the reformed Galactic Concordiate. With me today are the great leaders of the governments that make up this alliance.” He turned to wave at each of the dignitaries. “Abraari To of the Tion Hegemony, Bart Roberts of the Sienar Conglomerate, Korlan Mereel of Mandalore, Dex Sehrin of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and SoB Conners of the Aurodium Legion. Also joining us today is the Vice Magistrate, Siejo Kutol.” Dru pauses.

“Today, we announce a rededication of The Galactic Concordiate. Although we lament the loss of the Trader Federation and the Falleen Federation from this alliance, it has given us a new sense of vision. What is that vision, you may ask. Well……we intend to define and redefine Neutrality in this galaxy in which we find ourselves. What is Neutrality? Where there is war, there can be peace. Where there is conflict, there can be resolution. There are always ways in between. These five leaders have decided that it is best to live in harmony with one another, support each   other and lead the way to a more peaceful and prosperous galaxy!”

(Photo taken outside the Tion homeworld after the treaty was signed.)

“Today the Treaty of Forsetti is being replaced by the Treaty for the Galactic Concordiate. I am pleased to announce that as of today, we have removed the requirement of a government status for potential membership.” He paused again, and briefly looked at the floor.

 “I am a simple sentient from a simple world. As are many of my compatriots here today.” Dru waved to the assembled leaders again. “We each found that together, we are stronger than we are alone. This is why we have taken the steps that we have. We are willing to review anyone who wishes to apply for membership. We encourage you to do so. You can have a seat at the table with these great leaders, helping in this new mission of peace and prosperity!. And now, A few words from my friend and colleague, Vice Magistrate Siejo Kutol.” The Tall, slim human looking Amani male waved to Siejo.

The Nautolian clears his throat and begins to speak. “I am truly honored to serve as the Vice Magistrate of this proud Alliance. I have worked for Decades for neutrality. From the original Confederate Alliance to the Interstellar League, my conglomerate has been a driver for peace and mutual support for most of my time as leader of the CIS. Obtaining membership in the GC was the highlight of my career. The recent changes were devastating for myself personally, but challenges present an opportunity for improvement.  With the new charter, the alliance will open its doors to any faction. If you share our desire for peace and neutrality, reach out to us. I believe that together, we can make the galaxy a better place! Please now welcome Korlan Mereel, who has a few words as well.” Siejo waved to the Madalorian.

“Although peace loving and neutrality is nothing you may associate with Mandalore, we consider the Galactic Concordiate as a valuable institution. In times of great galactic conflicts it is more important to fight for peace than to battle each other. That said, we are proud to be a member of this coalition of factions. Offering safety to the sentients in the galaxy is supportable, if necessary by enforcing this goal with military power.

We are looking forward to a prospering future for all of us!” 

The room darkens as the screen behind the assembled leaders comes to life. A deep voice begins to speak as various pictures of different Concordiate worlds flash across the screen. “Founded in year 14 day 103 by the Trade Federation, Hapes Consortium, Mandalore, Tion Hegemony and the Aurodium Legion. The goals of the Galactic Concordiate were, and still are, promoting mutual cooperation, economic interdependence, intergovernmental friendship, and collective defense in order to further peace and prosperity. Over time members came and went but the ideals remain the same. In year 19 day 332 the Second Treaty of Forsetti was signed, and the neutral block was solidified within the galaxy. This treaty held together for barely two years before the membership and the galaxy had turned once again.


“Today, the Galactic Concordiate is spread throughout the galaxy, preserving a beacon of peace in this time of great galactic conflict.” A map showing the location of each of the members' galactic locations appears on the screen. “By striving for mutual cooperation, economic interdependence, collective defense and friendship, the Concordiate looks to help those who may feel left out by the machinations of the two major parties in the galactic conflict. If you would like to seek membership in the Galactic Concordiate, please contact the Magistrate and we and start negotiating your membership today!” The voice silences, and the screen returns to the logos of the various governments that were here for this momentous occasion.


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Events in Brief
Year 23 Day 257: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Mossy Ministries specializes in Manufacturing and will be led by Kir Jax. The first headquarters of Mossy Ministries opened today in Mossy Ministries on Leafar.
Year 23 Day 256: Truse`vala Ilone, the leader of Royal Vorsian Healthcare was replaced today by Nirvana Novaborn.
Year 23 Day 256: Quests has flexed its might and is occupying Wynkahthu. Admin bias?
Year 23 Day 256: Soon can't come soon enough for Wynkahthu who have declared Quests a rogue nation and unfit to govern.
Year 23 Day 256: Galactic business registrars recorded the opening of a new company today. Droma Logistics specializes in Trading and will be led by Marak Naar. The first headquarters of Droma Logistics opened today in New Arnak on Leafar.
Year 23 Day 255: Due to the increasing prosperity of Blue Star Engineering's autonomous production centres on Quantxi, and subsequently the settlements constructed to house workers there, the overall economy under 62nd Airborne Legion, has substantially weakened, while Blue Star Engineering has prospered and convinced the locals to elect them to the new ruling position.
Year 23 Day 255: Geran Nightshadow, the leader of Faerytail Trading Company was replaced today by Fraul Du`tan.
Year 23 Day 255: A new treaty was established on Drilbia I today between governing officials and diplomats from Rebel Alliance; these documents formalize the transition of power to becoming a protected territory of the government, a move largely embraced by the citizenry.