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Posted by: Xanxus Drol, Crimson Dawn
Date: Year 23 Day 276 From the Cathedral First Cathedral of TMG, Glom Tho in Glom Tho Mechanicals HQ city on Glom Tho (-123, 172).

After a flood of recent press releases from the Zann Consortium, word of curious events are coming from the Glom Tho System of Hevvrol. Reports are coming in that the Zann Consortium has allowed a transition of planetary control over Glom Tho 1 to what many call a  “religious cult”; the Crimson Dawn group. The Crimson Dawn are a religious group led by Xanxus Drol. The organization's holdings consist of several companies such as Divine Extractions and the newly formed droid specialist manufacturer (Glom Tho Mechanicals) being headed by known droid fanatic Zaala ‘Scrap’ O`Kessa.


The religious organization, Crimson Dawn pays homage to “The Many Gods”, acting as a sort of universal church worshiping all the known gods of this galaxy. One “congregant” (Crimson Dawn refers to worshipers as congregants) had this to say. 


“It really is a melting pot of religions and beliefs, where we all come to one place to find divine wisdom and fellowship”. 


The faith of “The Many Gods” has become the state religion of the Zann Consortium.


Even droids are included, as Glom Tho 1 was announced a “safe haven planet” for manumissioned droids, or droids who have been freed from service. On Glom Tho 1 under Crimson Dawn, droids in general are considered a protected class with rights, and manumissioned droids can even request citizenship upon the planet. This was reportedly one of the first things Crimson Dawn did upon the transition.


Refugees from all manor of conflict are flocking to the world, fed up with overpopulated refugee quarters on other planets. Crimson Dawn, through its subsidiaries, have excellent work placement programs, where sentients without financial resources of their own must work in exchange for food subsidies and housing for their families. The manumissioned droids are also eligible for the program, instead of food subsidies ongoing maintenance needs are handled by Glom Tho Mechnicals for the droids.


In a recent sermon, which have been broadcast from the Temple Holo Communications Server  every Saturday, High Priest Xanxus Drol had this to say about the opening of the new company.


“When I started Divine Extractions we said we were searching the asteroid fields for relics which we have claimed to have found. Now I tell you that there is a holiness about droids, such as a Cult of the Power Droid, that The Many Gods have opened many doors to my people and shown me the way, that I know what I must do now. Soon we will be opening our next company, a Droid Production group, so that we may create life through these droids and carry out the good word of The Many Gods.”


The newly formed corporation Glom Tho Mechanicals, being called GTmech for short, claims to have the schematics and ability to create T-series Tactical Droids as well as GNK Power Droids. For a small fee, they will assist other companies and individuals alike with Datacard copies of the schematics and general production know-how.


Xanxus Drol recently commented to the press on Glom Tho saying, 


 “We want to spread these technologies around and see more life created in these droids.” 


Anti droid protest groups mostly consisting of local Gotals attempted to blockade the planet until threatened by Zann Consortium to desist. The protestors claim that Xanxus Drol is deeply psychotic. The small Gotal Population of Glom Tho was later offered “moving subsidies” by Crimson Dawn in an effort to relocate them. The Gotal race is prone to ailments related to being in close proximity to droids and other technologies. 


Sources suggest most of the protesters found the subsidy to be overly adequate. However, others state they are determined to stay. Regardless, Xanxus Drol was quoted as saying 


“When it comes to the Many, we must have unity, the few who disparage us can go elsewhere.”


Rumors from an inside source at GTmech claim a bold move, “Preacher droids” have been created to “spread the word of Xanxus” by carrying a library of past sermons and the ability to broadcast new sermons to the Populus. Apparently, these preacher droids are armed, being built using the T-Series Tactical schematic with improvisations, these new religious battle droids are being called Z Series, or Zealot Class Tactical Droids.


Glom Tho Mechanicals plans to have over 3000 droids rolling off production lines soon, with thousands more to follow. To find out more about the group, go to their Holo Communications Server, The Temple, featuring a daily quote and sermons every Saturday. The virtual temple also provides information on live auctions;  seeing as the cult… we mean Religious group, believes trade is holy. 


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Events in Brief
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Year 24 Day 71: Galactic Traders Union was dissolved today due to bankruptcy.
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Year 24 Day 71: Pursh Greene, the leader of Blue Star Extractions was replaced today by Tomas O`Cuinn.
Year 24 Day 71: Tomas O`Cuinn, the leader of Blue Star Enforcement was replaced today by Victor O`Cuinn.
Year 24 Day 71: Victor O`Cuinn, the leader of Blue Star Enforcement was replaced today by Tomas O`Cuinn.
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