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Faerytail: The Future Is Better
Posted by: Simkin Dragoneel, The Faerytail Family
Date: Year 23 Day 326 Onboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser TFF Mermaid's Fear in system Kashyyyk (210, 90).

Kashyyyk, Kashyyyk (FFNN).  Today, aboard the MC-80b Star Cruiser TFF Mermaid's Fear, King-Father Simkin Dragoneel, monarch of the Faerytail Family, finished the preparations in Kashyyyk for the celebration of the third annual Green Forest Day held on Days 356-357 and celebrations have already started erupting across Kashyyyk.  Planning for Green Forest Day have become more and more complex as billions upon billions of repatriated Wookiees have skyrocked the population of the system to over 275 billion inhabitants. The constant growth and prosperity that has driven Faerytail to the stage as a galactic power is matched in the unprecedented growth experienced in Kashyyyk, elevating the once sparsely populated Wookiee home, to the most heavily populated system in the whole Kingdom.  While the celebrations for Kashyyyk are planned to be massive, events are planned across all 113 planets that comprise the Faerytail Family(TFF).


Similar to Kashyyyk, the Faerytail Family started from small, humble beginnings. On Year 13 Day 357 a small medical company named Faerytail Medical was founded by Dr. Simkin Dragoneel (Sims).  This company grew astronomically, eventually becoming the Faerytail Family government. On this Day 357 of the galactic year 23,  all citizens will be celebrating Faerytail's 10th Anniversary and their revered King-Father Dragoneel.  Faerytail's Anniversary sharing the date of Green Forest Day has always been an omen to many in the Family that Divine forces were involved in the liberation of Kashyyyk by Faerytail forces over 3 years ago.  Whatever the case may be, prior anniversary celebrators have been more than content in letting the Wookiee people have the spotlight, but for the first Faerytail Decennial Anniversary 113 Faery planets and over one trillion residents will all be joined together with events and celebrations occuring for most of Day 357.

It is impossible to talk about the beginnings of TFF without talking about the founder and first monarch, Sims.  Simkin Dragoneel was born as a human male native to the planet Coruscant in a hospital in the Galactic City to middle class parents John and Ida Dragoneel.  Sims went to one of the hundreds of public schools in Sector H-42 where he distinguished himself from his peers with his intellect and leadership skills.  His academic achievements enabled Sims to receive a full scholarship to one of the Royal Imperial Academies in Sector H-42 where he was taught advanced Mathematics, Medicine, and Leadership.  After graduating, Sims took on odd jobs for passage on starships to see the galaxy. No matter where the ships were headed, Sims just wanted to learn and to explore.  After falling in with the wrong crowd Sims was convinced on Year 12 Day 259 to join JUGANOTH mining company, which was owned by the New Republic.  After having his many skills completely squandered by the New Republic for almost a year while fixing JUGANOTH's many problems Sims was headhunted by the Anzatan Commonwealth government to lead their mining company, Anzatan Resource Extractions. 

After completely wasting his time for almost 10 months trying to make Anzat into a much better place, Sims was betrayed by one of the most incompetent "leaders" in the entire universe, Azarin Isard.  Deciding he had enough working for fools Sims he used his life savings in order to found Faerytail Medical.   Through a series of shrew trading practices, prowess in leading troops to battle, unorthodox tactical choices, and unheard of diplomatic victories Simkin has led Faerytail from being an unheard of tiny company into one of the largest governments with the highest sustainable income flow in the entire universe. The Faerytail Family is gifted to have Sims, a highly intelligent, attractive, generous, and capable leader guiding the family as its King-Father.

Faerytail's meteoric rise from a small company barely worth 80 Million credits into one of the top five Governments in the entire universe seems an impossibility within a mere 10 years, it's almost like.... a fairytale. It certainly would not have been possible without the brave leadership of King-Father Simkin Dragoneel and the divine energy guiding him. 



The newly built and christened Faerytail Royal Palace on Messert III was finished in time to provide special celebrations for all of the Faery Royal Family, Nobility, and Royalty from the rest of the Imperial Union as a whole.  The finest and most exquisite exotic food and beverages from across the entire Kingdom will be available for the attendees. A live broadcast of the Royal celebrations and festivities will be sent out to the entirety of Faerytail territory in real time while denizens of the Family partake in their own celebrations.

Celebrations will be available for almost every sentient in the universe as the party will also be hosted on the Faerytail Holonet.  Prizes, Credits, and Raffles are planned to be held there during a two week period starting a few days before D357 and ending almost two weeks after.  King-Father Simkin Dragoneel has already committed to giving away at least five [5] billion credits, raffling off two MC-60 Star Cruisers at one [1] million credits per ticket, hundreds of ships and vehicles, and a special once in a lifetime giveaway that will be announced on D357. 

King-Father Simkin Dragoneel and the entire Royal Family are excited to welcome all friends and allies of the Faerytail Family to partake in the festivities, raffles, and other events. All travelers are advised to plan additional time to pass through customs and screening as billions of additional inhabitants flock to the Family’s systems for the once in a life-time party. Happy 10-year Anniversary to the Faerytail Family and happy Green Forest Day to the Wookiee people!

All sentients are invited to attend the Holonet celebrations no matter the affiliation since there will be many giveaways offered to all.  Come join in the fun!

Faerytail Holosite: Holosite Link

Faerytail Holonet: Holonet Link

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