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Royal Vorsian Healthcare Network Announced
Posted by: Lilith Delcroix, One Nation Under Jou
Date: Year 23 Day 365 Onboard the Hospital Platform XQ-2 Grace of Jou Hospital in system Morobe (91, -1).

(Morobe) Several months have passed since the founding of the Royal Vorsia Healthcare (RVH) company which had been formed as a joint venture between One Nation Under Jou and the Scrapper Guild.

During this time Royal Vorsian Healthcare has been developing a network of XQ-2 hospital stations as part of a larger healthcare network. The network spans from the central Colonies to the northern Outer Rim, and Currently there are four Royal Vorsian owned stations, operating out of Morobe, Vorsia, Chagri and Zrak systems.

Royal Vorsian Healthcare Network Map

Governor Truse'vala'ilone of RVH was on hand during the press release to comment on the venture:

"Healthcare is an important aspect for all sentients across the galaxy. One of the main challenges that many can face is the accessibility of medical provisions during trips that take them beyond the central hubs where most vendors tend to gather. These clusters of course provide convenience, having a one-stop trade hub for all your needs, but in the Royal Vorsian we’ve taken a different approach to this. Our hospital stations were built on a hyperlane that connects Morobe and Zrak, allowing faster access to medicine for anyone who works on that trade route or within nearby systems."

BFF-1s approaching XQ-2 Hospital Station

Countess Lilith of Vorsia, Monarch of One Nation Under Jou was also in attendance and gave a brief statement:

"In a galaxy torn by war, I am pleased that the hospital network has been established and our nation can offer care and medical aid to those in need, however small our contribution might be. We are driven by the belief in better worlds, and to ease someone's pain is a blessed endeavor. It is important to me personally to see this project succeed, as someone close to my heart suffered too long without the help she needed. I have lost her since, but I pray every day with hopes that she is in a better place. I hope that those who suffer, physically or spiritually, will seek shelter in one of our hospital stations. May Jou's Light guide them all on the path to recovery."

With an established network of hospital stations in the north of the galaxy, Royal Vorsian Healthcare is planning to expand into the south of the galaxy through the Scrapper Guild's connection with the Confederacy of Independent Systems, utilizing other medical companies such as Outer Rim Medical to provide auxiliary services supported by Royal Vorsian Healthcare. Representatives of One Nation have stated they are also negotiating terms of a partnership with the Confederacy.

Royal Vorsian Healthcare

To learn more about One Nation Under Jou, please visit the Chronicle.

To contact Royal Vorsian Healthcare or Scrapper Guild, please click here.

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