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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 67 17:31)

- Recycling UI queueing entities is now faster
- Add unclaim option to item inventory
- Add skill component to hyperspace abort cooldown timer
- Player custom image list groups small and large images together
- Update death asset succession rules, these may be tweaked in the future

Look and feel:
- Add absolute ETA shown on sidemenu timers tooltip
- Add facility, station, city construction link to position view screen where applicable

- Update Marketplace Rules Page to make the language a little clearer.
- Update Facility Income Rules Page to make the warning message more visible.
- Update Life & Death asset rules page
- The bugs page now lists supported browsers.
- System designer, based heavily on city designer

- Fix issue where facility construction was recorded as "Other" in transaction log
- Improve ordering of entities on some screens: where possible squads should be grouped in order with the squad leader first e.g. on scanners
- Two fixes to make paying off large amounts of facility income debt via inventory better: selecting all above max limit will allow you to select first set of entities, paying off debt generates a single event instead of one event per facility
- Blank page after squadron force leave (#5202)
- Fix more scanner link when controlling garrison squad (#5203)
- Fix export scanner from garrison squad (#5199)
- Update CCC Shield Gen linking rules, now CCC only needs to be assigned to the person doing the linking (#5183)
- City show stats screen not showing aborting facilities correctly (#5192)
- Fix behaviour of attack button from passenger manifest (#5194)
- Install Lock page can get into a redirect loop (#5196)
- Position screen XSS (#5193)
- Make unassign inventory events when using select all tag feature crash less (#4830)
- Fix issue using station construction using materials from diagonal location (#5188)
- Add loading spinners to scan and hail buttons in cockpit, finish-action links
- Update Creature Inventory to show Experience Level similar to how NPC Inventory does.
- Fix an issue where IFF list would crash if bad entry present
- Fix issue with corrupt facility type on build permissions able to be submitted
- Add another situation where build permissions can be automatically accepted: when you have permission to construct facilities from your faction and the facilities are going to be faction owned (issuing build permissions by plan allows faster construction by preloading details)
- Construction crash when accepted build permission contains restricted facility, error earlier if facility is out of bounds
- Fix issue with mine being full charging NPC costs for 0 yield
- Fix issue when toggling asteroid overlay when using inverse fog sensors
- Fix wrecked HQs being treated as a valid HQ
- Added an inventory filter for entities without tags assigned
- Fix up spam messages from cockpit tractor beam page, improve tractor beam load page speed for certain situations
- Add link to production in side menu when in an entity that can perform production (previously link only shown in cockpit and not under the side menu "production" heading)
- Unable to access market from NPC Owned market facilities
- Consolidate some material usage events into a single event (including production material usage events)
- Using items inside hangar/docking bay will show all passengers as targets for the action rather than those in the current room (#5205)
- Asteroid (entity) scanner icon missing on map (#5135)
- Hitting NPCs with ionic weapons give XP, hitting disabled droids with ionic weapons gives XP (#5191)

- Add NPC skills to Inventory/Entity response
- Add slot size and armour to Types/Ship response (#5164)
- Inventory/Entity crashes on deleted/nonexistent entities
- Added admin event upon new WS client registrations
- WS Admin crashes on dev


Known issues:

- There are some minor issues that currently cause the FI tools to not work and todays FI to be delayed.

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 67)