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Life and Death

The amount of HP that a character and NPCs have is dependent on several factors. These factors are listed below:

  • Strength Skill: The strength skill of the entity.
  • Race Bonus: Given in the rules.
  • XP Level: The XP level of the entity.

The amount will be corrected according to the race multiplier, rounded up to the nearest whole number.

The equations for HP of characters and NPCs are as follows:

  1. Upon creating a character and levelling up a character or npc:
    HP = round((35 * Race Bonus) + (2 * XP Level * (Strength + Race Bonus)) + Strength * 10)
  2. When you increase one of the above skills, you immediately get the HP bonus.

The amount of HP that a creature has is dependent on several factors. These factors are listed below:

  • Base HP: Given in the rules.
  • XP Level: The XP level of the entity.

Creatures use a different equation for HP. This equation is as follows:

HP = BaseHP + (XP Level * 0.10 * BaseHP)
% of Max HP Status
-10 Dead
-9 Unconscious
1 Badly Wounded
41 Wounded
76 Slightly Wounded
100 Unharmed

If you are conscious (HP > 0), you naturally regain HP without visiting hospitals or using other equipment via the equation:


HP Regained / day = round(Maximum HP * .1)

If you are unconscious, then your body is totally unable to regain any HP and other medical methods will need to be applied. Any player can add an unconscious player to their party, and a Bacta Tank can be used to heal them above 0 HP.

Two variables track your character's progress in the game, called LEVEL and EXPERIENCE. All new characters start at LEVEL = 1 and EXPERIENCE = 0. Experience points will be earned by performing usual actions like moving, travelling, construction, etc. The XP bar in the right hand menu represents your character's progression to the next XP level. As a player increases in EXPERIENCE, the LEVEL is increased according to the following table:


1 0
2 1000
3 3000
4 6000
5 10000
6 15000
7 21000
8 28000
... ...
n 1000 x (n-1) x n / 2

Levels above 8 are handled using the same pattern (refer to the formula for level n). With each increase in level, (2 * (Strength + Race Multiplier)) points are added to the character's HP.

When you go up through levels, you will get more chances to become Force-sensitive. On levels 6, 11, 16, etc., you will get a chance to get the Force based on your Race Force Probability (RFP):

Total Probability to become Force-Sensitive at Level X = RFP + ((X - 1) / 5) * (RFP / 2)

Gand RFP = 6%

At level 6, total RFP = 6 + ((6 - 1) / 5) * (6 / 2) = 9%

At level 11, total RFP = 6 + ((11 - 1) / 5) * (6 / 2) = 12%

Also, characters gain an additional unassigned skill point with each level. Using these points, you will be able to improve your skills and upgrade your character.

Each time you reach your next XP level, your HP is automatically re-calculated and reset to its maximum.

  • Characters with XP level 1 are purged after 9 months of inactivity.
  • Aborting a hyperspace jump and emerging from hyperspace directly into a star.
  • Flying directly into a sun or through a black hole.
  • Being executed. (cf. Arrest and Execute).
  • Your HP falls to -10 or below (i.e. you are dead):
    • At zero, you drop into unconsciousness, and at -10, you are dead.
    • At zero, your ability to perform actions is severed, but you can have healing done until you are at -10.
    • At -11, the only interaction you could probably have with other people is when they loot your body.
  • The -10 limit is for all players, regardless of their HP.

After death you must wait 3 weeks before being able to rejoin as a playing character. During the "death wait", the only Darkness abilities available will be to view CPs and send DMs. After three weeks when you login to Darkness or the members page a 'change name' box will prompt to select a new name. The name of a dead character will not be reusable, so a new character name will have to be selected.

3.2.1/ What happens to your assets?

  • When a character dies, all equipped items drop to the ground at that position.
  • Any credits owned by the dead character are deleted.
  • Ships, vehicles, space stations, facilities, items, droids, creatures, and NPCs with a pilot/operator/supervisor assigned will be transferred to the pilot/operator/supervisor.
  • Ships, vehicles, space stations, facilities, items, droids, creatures, and NPCs with no pilot/operator/supervisor assigned will be transferred to the commander/manager.
  • Ships, vehicles, space stations, facilities, items, and droids that are not assigned at all go to the market, after a random delay between 7 and 31 days for each asset.
  • Cities go to the market, after a random delay between 7 and 31 days for each city.
  • NPCs and creatures that are not assigned to anyone are deleted.
  • Raw materials are transferred to the owner of the entity in which they are contained.
  • Stocks are transferred to the faction leader.
  • If a character dies in an explosion, such as flying into a sun or by exiting hyperspace, then everything on board the entity is destroyed.
  • Entities assigned to the dead character but owned by another party remain the property of their owners.
  • If a faction leader dies, leadership of his faction will be transferred to the Second In Command (2IC). If there is no 2IC, it is transferred to the faction member who has the next highest privileges rating, determined by the sum of the levels in the member administration, finance, and privilege categories. If there is more than one person with the most privileges, one is randomly selected.
  • If a faction owner dies then his faction ownership (or stocks) will be transferred to the faction leader.

The "recruitment liason" is not the third in command of a faction and leadership of the faction will fall as described above.

3.2.2/ What happens to your body?

  • The body will decompose and disappear after 3 weeks.
  • A Trophy Ear can be taken from a body with any Slashing Weapon.

As soon as your character dies you can go to the Character page and select the new handle you wish to use. This handle needs to be approved by an admin before you can create your character. If you change your mind you may submit other handles for approval right up until you create your new character.

3.3.1/ What happens to your Items

Since your new character has no relation to your old character (the server does not recognize family relations, even if you choose to roleplay as the family member of your old character), your old character's assets cannot be returned to you. You are not allowed to make a will of any sort that would result in your new character getting your old character's items. However, you can purchase your assets back from characters at the current market price. Furthermore, you are not allowed to reclaim a server-defined faction related position (leader or 2ic), although you are permitted to rejoin your previous faction. Violations of the these rules will be punished on a case-by-case basis by the Star Wars Combine Administration.