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(Posted by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 106 16:53)

Many of you have asked about the part two of our previous quest with GenSci and the Twilight Foundation. We announced it would launch early March and well... here we are! A few things are being completed but be prepared for it to come very soon. It might end up officially launching closer to April now, but don't fear it is on the way.


Some FAQ for you guys:

Q: If we did not participate in part one, can we join part two?
A: Yes, of course.

Q: Where do we need to go?
A: It will be galaxy-wide.

Q: What do we need?
A: Fighters for space combat. NPCs/Gear for Ground combat. If you do not have much you can still participate just fine.

Q: Am I stuck on the same team?
A: No. You are free to join whatever team you like at the start of phase 2.

Q: Can I help with quest management?
A: Not for this one. Future events/quests/NPC work can always use more people though!


Edit: This will start AFTER the swap meet. Because I am nice and won't ruin your fun. This time. For now.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 20 Day 106)