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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 173 16:28)

- When on a page that has a "text filter" (equipment, party, other pages), you can now do an exclude a word by putting a minus sign infront of it, e.g. "bacta patch -cargo" would show things matching "bacta" and "patch" and exclude "cargo" containers.
- Allow taking from cargo containers and emptying cargo containers while they are inside another item.
- Clicking on a square on the map now highlights the selected square with a red outline.
- Add link to inventory rename events generate by inline edit
- Fix invalid HTML generated on view datacards screen
- Fix issue where droid repair could not occur on droids in squads (To repair someone elses droid, requires owner IFF friend, same as medical healing)
- Fix issue with squadded party members not showing HP bars on party screen
- Fix issues with some functions not correctly finding "squadded party members at your location", this affects things like force testing/healing and other screens.
- Fix an issue with inventory pages not showing the menu when there are entities listed with invalid locations.
- Fix timer text overflowing image on production queue screen
- Fix cockpit retooling panel not showing
- Fix Baugrem's team bar on the forums.
- Recycling cockpit pages URL has moved.
- Fix crash on ground combat preview page
- When an entity recycling is initated, crewlist access is set to closed.
- Fix short hull shield ionic status bars not showing in squadron pane in cockpit
- Fix missing confirmation dialog when upgrading skills
- Fix missing location coords on cockpit scanner screen
- Fix droid crates showing up in wrong sections on equipment view (crates of non-items now will show under "Storage")
- Fix using security panel causing crash
- Fix taking droid from crate causing crash
- Missing board command on squad page
- Fix issue on NPC Controls Equipment page when interacting with items contained within other items.
- Fix issue where cannot use NPC Controls on squadded NPCs at your location.
- Add link to skillsets from NPC Controls page.
- Separate display of NPCs on NPC Control page into sections based on which party/squad they are in.

- Add for LISP get and get-types for ships, vehicles, stations, creatures.
- Admin function take-contained-item

- Updating combat tactics rules to be more clear