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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 144 19:57)

Faction Advisory Panels

New feature that allows shared ownership of factions. An FAQ and better instructions will be written up about this feature later in the week.
There's a new faction privilege called "Can view panel requests", the leader of the faction will need to visit the privileges page to ensure it is updated properly.

Asteroid Mining

Asteroid Mining part 1 has been released. Feel free to jump in and try it.
Part 2 will come later on that will make it slightly less tedious.
There's no faction restrictions on this form of asteroid mining, so anyone can perform it either for themselves or their faction.

Jetpacks & Force Speed

Jetpacks and Force Speed have been reworked. Now provide a timed buff increase to travel speed.
Jetpacks in particular let you travel over buildings while active.
Jetpacks running out while over a building hurts alot, ouch.
(We're sorting out an issue with people that used the old actions while the sync happened)


Asset Tag Corruption

There was recently a bug with asset tagging where the asset tag assignment may have been cleared. This probably affected you although it looked normal. You need to re-add your asset tag associations are on the faction inventory tags page (and your personal one).
(Looking into fixing it permanently with some database wizardry).


- Emails have been removed from a lot of places in the game UI.
- Asset tagging had some major database changes
- Vision changes: ships in unmanned squads no longer provide vision. Only actively piloted squads will provide shared sensors.
- Ships, vehicles, stations, facilities that are: Under construction, wrecked, disabled, unpowered no longer provide sensors.
- Facilities, stations, and satellites will passively share sensors, and do not need to be piloted.
- Fixed crashes relating to assets blocking construction sites work.
- Race selection in character creation back to being alphabetical order
- Removed darkness and quests from join requests selection.
- Fixed an issue with location coords of raw materials when inside squadded entity
- Added code to help fix corrupt locations that occur after city/planet/system moving by admins
- NPC Shops can no longer be wrecks
- Materials cannot be loaded into fighters/gunboats (this was already an existing rule) but some code didn't handle it properly. That code has had a stern talking to.
- The red, green, blue messages shown on pages will now show at top of screen if you receive one when scrolled down.
- Asset protection now generates fewer events.
- The inventory action "toggle" asset protection has been removed.
- The summary inventory page now shows any applied filters.
- Fixed a bug where inventory assign reason would not show up.
- Fixed a bug where debt would not be cleared after purchasing from market.
- Fixed a bug where regular mining events would not be sent.
- Salary page now accepts numbers with commas in them, fixed salary page showing errors when successfully paying salaries.
- Can add multiple IFF entries at once on IFF screen.
- Fixed some filters on credit transactions page
- Fixed relative links in the factions menu
- When purchasing multiple items from an NPC shop, they will now be supplied in an item crate for you by the kind shopkeeper.


Y21 D144 Evan Edit: As promised, the prospecting sensors we temporarily granted to the light freighters have been removed. Please refer to the Rules for ships with sensors capable of prospecting asteroid fields.

(Edited by Evan on Year 21 Day 144)