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Faction Ownership: Advisory Panels

The Faction Advisory Panel feature allows Faction Ownership and related responsibilities to be shared based on Votes from a group of individuals.

The panel is not meant to replace any sort of internal voting or discussion system, rather it should be thought of as an approval system allowing the faction ownership responsibilities to be shared between multiple people.

Any faction can create a Faction Advisory Panel, this functionality is not restricted to governments.

The faction panel has a purely cosmetic name assigned, which will show up on the faction status screens.

The Faction advisory panel consists of one or more players, who do not need to be members of the faction.

The Advisory Panel is initially set up by the Faction Owner. Once the Panel is set up, all future changes to the panel must go via resolutions from the panel itself.

Once an Advisory Panel is set up, it immediately becomes the owner of the faction.

The initial Advisory Panel set up will consist of a single panel member, and a 1/1/1 approval limit. This initial setup is equivalent in functionality to the single owner case.

Each panel member is allocated 1 vote.

Advisory panel members can vote to approve or decline Panel Requests. While a request is open, votes can be changed freely between approve and decline.

When a request meets the required approval threshold, the request can be executed by any panel member.

Each resolution has a minimum approval threshold, that is set during creation of the panel, or from a Change Panel resolution. The approval thresholds are as follows:

  • Unprotect Assets - Minimum number of approvals needed to execute unprotect asset requests.
  • Change Leader - Minimum number of approvals needed to change the current faction leader.
  • Change Panel - Minimum number of approvals needed to add or remove panel members, and to change the approval limits (This limit is also used to approve dissolving the panel).

No approval limit should have a value higher than the "Change Panel" limit since the Change Panel limit allows you to change the limits themselves.

The Advisory Panel for The Rebellion has 10 members.
The approval threshold for unprotecting assets is set by the panel to 6.
This means at least 6 panel members must vote approve for an asset unprotection request to proceed.

There is an important aspect to the vote threshold:

Threshold = min(count[active panel members + inactive members who have voted], configured vote threshold)

This threshold calculation means that the quorum vote threshold can fluctuate depending on panel activity, but the panel can never be locked out of passing resolutions because of inactive panel members (logged in within 28 days).

(If an inactive panel member has voted on a particular request, they are not considered inactive for the purpose of calculating the vote threshold).

The Advisory Panel for The Rebellion has 10 members, and a minimum vote threshold of 10.
This means that ALL panel members must approve a particular resolution.
If one panel member goes inactive, the minimum threshold for approving a particular resolution is calculated as min(9, 10) = 9.

Panel members have an option to remove themselves from an Advisory panel. Upon death, panel members will not automatically be removed (instead the inactivity threshold will kick in and mark them as inactive once the period has elapsed).

Removal of panel members by other panel members must occur via a resolution. Kicking a panel member from the faction will not remove them from the panel (Similarly, you can leave the faction and you will not leave the advisory panel).

When a panel member removes themselves from an advisory panel, the configured approval thresholds are not modified. Quorum can still be reached even if thresholds are larger than current membership due to the activity threshold calculation above.

Resolutions are requests that require approval to proceed. Resolutions cover both the abilities granted to the panel by ownership and any changes to the panel itself.

Resolutions are voted on, and when they reach their approval vote threshold, can be executed by any panel member. Resolutions are automatically cancelled and revoked after 14 days.

A list of assets is provided, and upon approval, the assets are unprotected.

Asset unprotection fees are still paid by the faction. This operation can fail due to insufficient funds, so the resolution remains approved until it succeeds at least once, or until it expires.

This resolution can be raised by any faction member with "View Inventory" privilege, via the inventory screen.

A new candidate leader is provided, and upon approval, the candidate leader is made the faction leader.

Leadership change fees are still paid by the faction. Certain leadership change requirements need to be met for this to work: the candidate must be a member of the faction or a freelancer. This operation can fail for various reasons, and so the resolution remains approved until it succeeds at least once, or until it expires.

This resolution can be raised by any panel member.

The resolution includes a list of panel members to add, and panel members to remove. Upon approval, the panel members are updated.

Because adding new members may require voting thresholds to be updated, this resolution also includes the ability to change voting thresholds.

When adding more members, you should consider increasing the approval limits. A general rule of thumb is that all approval limits should be >50%, and that the "Change Panel" approval limit should have the highest value.

This resolution can be raised by any panel member.

2.3.1/ Create Advisory Panel

Factions which are using a "delegated" faction panel from a parent faction can raise a "Create Advisory Panel" request.

This request is the equivalent of transferring ownership of the child faction to a new set of panel members. If approved, the child faction will gain its own independent advisory panel and will no longer be linked to the parent faction's advisory panel.

This resolution can be raised by any panel member of the parent faction, and is approved by the parent faction's advisory panel, using the "Change Board" limit.

2.3.2/ Dissolve Advisory Panel

Upon approval, the advisory panel is removed, and faction ownership reverts to the next applicable ownership method.

This resolution can be raised by any panel member, and is approved using the "Change Board" limit.