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(Posted by Kyle on Year 21 Day 292 8:56)

As promised a bit ago we have updated our Project Development listing and will do our best to keep it up to date from now on. 

You can find it here it is also available under the technical menu called Development Projects. It will get updated as more things finalize with the various projects. This will contain the major things we are working on, so check it out often.

Since the last update we have gotten more people to the Quests team and in the process of restructuring the team to make it more efficient. So hopefully before too long more quests will be rolled out and not just our events like Science Fued and Galaxy Fest. Some of the comments from Galaxy Fest are already filtering into the designs of these new things as they are in the planning phases. Some scripts for NPC types, creatures and the like might get scripts added to them first as well so check those often.

Also the recycling merge seems to have gone successfully so far and we might plan for more when we are able to do them. Some of you have also noticed that Mining factions can now produce the ship and vehicle that are used for recycling as well, this was an added benefit for the merge.