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Development Projects

Explosive Door Breaching (Planning Phase)
Use of explosives as an alternative to Electronic Lock Breakers to disable doors.

Goal: 2021
Asteroid Mining Phase 3 (Planning Phase)
Random events that can occur within Asteroid Fields.

Goal: 2021
Docking Capacity (Planning Phase)
Adding a stat to track the number of slots ships can have worth of docked entities, allowing for other ships to be carried as cargo in entities which currently do not have docking bays for game balance concerns.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Hyperlanes Phase 2 (Planning Phase)
The second part to hyperlanes which will involve adding the degradation of unused hyper lanes.

Goal: 2021
Encounters (Planning Phase)
Encounters are event triggered or scheduled occurrences that might bring in things to a system or planet with buffs and debuffs that will be rewarded or give temporary access to specific vendors. These could be like bandit attacks, NPC Traders, Blockcades, Pirate Attacks, Physical DC Vendors and more.

Goal: 2021
Planetary Commodities (Planning Phase)
This will create a planetary demand system for commodities that will affect the income produced. This will be done in several parts and will involve NPC Traders bringing in commodities to the planets. This will essentially influence the FI that facilities give. As eventually the traders will be attackable and the commodities destroyed or stolen.

Goal: 2021
Entity Stat Overhaul (Planning Phase)
Revise stats to better suit combat and R&D this will be based on a component approach to entities to standardize the stats for them as best as well.

Goal: Stations 2021, Ships 2021, Vehicles 2021
Atmospheric Damage Revision (Planning Phase)
Revise how atmospheric damage is done, and calculated.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Combat Rules Overhaul (Planning Phase)
Revise the combat rules to make them more use able for a global PvP environment.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
R&D - Entity Modifications (Planning Phase)
This is the ability to allow player based entity modifications and also to make variant datacards based off those entity modifications.

Goal: Rules for 2021
Entity Locking (On Hold)
This will allow locking of items and things of that nature.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Player Market (On Hold)
Shop Cosignment Model that will allow a person to person to buy from a market model and get a cut of the price.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Crafting (On Hold)
Implement the usage of crafting all kinds of items from trophies and other items.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Cybernetics 2.0 (On Hold)
Revise Cybernetics to not add skill bonus anymore but add a buff of some kind. Also potentially collapse the cybernetics so they can have interchangeable cards to swap out the bonuses.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Lightsaber Quest Revision (On Hold)
Revise the current lightsaber quest to improve it based on user feedback.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
New Missions (On Hold)
New missions, similar to Bounty Hunting.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Double Bladed Lightsaber Quest (On Hold)
This quest will be to allow the creation of double bladed lightsabers to be completed.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Nav Route Travel (On Hold)
Allow players to travel along navigation routes.

Goal: TBD
NPC Training Overhaul (On Hold)
Training Academies to train rather than just running them in Patrol

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Entity Hacking / Shield Hacking (On Hold)
This will allow hacking into plantary shields and bypassing locks on entities.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Force X (On Hold)
Goal: Not Defined Yet
Lock Overhaul (On Hold)
This will revise the password process for rooms.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
NPC Hiring Overhaul (On Hold)
This will revise how NPCs are hired, the current thought to the idea is to change from each planet has so many based on population. Change it to based on facilities available allow only certain types to be bought. The other idea right now is to change things to specify the type, race, and level and rather than instant creation it will take time for them to spawn based on those factors, and cost.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
R&D - Innovation (On Hold)
This will define the process on how to research "new" entities into the game. This is also called innovation research and development.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
R&D - Reverse Engineering (On Hold)
This is develop the ability to reverse engineer already existing things by tearing apart and examining the them.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Facility Combat (On Hold)
Goal: Not Defined Yet
Unified Vision / Sensors (On Hold)
This will standardize the vision and sensors code as well as optimize them so they work as well as possible.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Consumable Buffs (On Hold)
This will be things that can be used to provide temporary buffs to certain affects.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Space Combat Overhaul (On Hold)
Goal: Not Defined Yet
Field Repairs (On Hold)
This will be minor repairs that will be similar to droid repairs but for ships and vehicles.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
Ground Combat Overhaul (On Hold)
Goal: Not Defined Yet
Vehicle Combat (On Hold)
Goal: Not Defined Yet
Space Bandit Loot (On Hold)
Loot drops for space combat, similar to ground combat and how they drop items stored in their fitout. This would likely be more of a random assortment of things that could be possible for loot drops.

Goal: Not Defined Yet
NPC Cargo Transport Phase 1 (On Hold)
Allow players and factions to automate transportation of Raw Materials within the same star system (planetary and sublight travel only).

Additional features:
* User-defined navigation routes with multiple waypoints.
* One or multiple squadrons assigned to each route and operating independently.
* Squadrons can include multiple haulers or haulers and escorts.
* Cargo manifests for each route and waypoint determine what is loaded or unloaded.
* Ability to pause at a waypoint for coordinating multiple squadrons and routes.
* Squadrons can load/unload from any station or facility that the route owner can access via crewlist.

Goal: 2021
Bounty Hunting Phase 2 (Released)
Remote Item Training (Released)
NPC Vendors Phase 1 (Released)
Asteroid Mining (Released)
Combat - Stun - Recovery (Released)
Hyperlanes - Phase I (Released)
Combat - Stun (Released)
Bounty Hunting Quest (Released)
Poison (Released)
Asteroid Mining Phase 2 (Released)
New Player World (Released)
Asteroid Prospecting (Released)
Room Combat (Released)
Faction Advisory Panel (Released)