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(Posted by Kyle on Year 22 Day 28 17:23)

During this time of year, especially this year hopefully everyone in the community is happy as healthy as they can be. Speaking on behalf of the staff we wish you all a happy holiday and hope you all can enjoy it however you choose to. As I likely won't post on Sim News again until the new year.

This has been a year with lots of changes for SWC. Some might view the changes as good some might view them as bad, hopefully more the former than the latter. We have actually achieved all the goals we set to complete this year and more. Next year we might have even more ambitious goals and hope to achieve those as well. As always you can view what we are working on from a high level on theĀ Development Projects page.

Once again hope you all enjoy playing this game and stay safe and hopefully more stuff will roll out next year...or perhaps before the end of the year. You never know what some fo the small projects might be able to be taken care of between now and then.