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We have updated Spying rules taking effect next month. With more PvP potential (see notes below) comes a huge cut in what we are going to be allowing regarding Spying in the game. You can still spy on enemy factions, gather intel, and even assassinate people, but it has to be a bit different. These Spying rules also affect individuals who wish to loot or grief a faction for personal gain. You no longer need to worry about someone using their access loot your factions. Nor can someone open the door for your enemies to come kill everyone.

(yes I know there is a typo in an example and it'll fix later on another sync)


On top of this we are also updating our community rules based on feedback from our recent survey and past years of feedback from players directly. Our community is important and we want to make sure it's a place we can enjoy. We know in the past even staff have not been good about these things, but we hope moving forward with the guidelines we can all enjoy the game a bit more.


Strikes will not be retroactive nor will the spying rules. You have until the 1st of October to make sure you are complying with both sets of rules. This is mostly for public SWCombine communication and Core Factions, we will not be policing your internal communications unless many complaints come out of it.


Lastly, as you may have seen noted above, PvP is expanding. Arrest/Execute as we currently know it will be replaced by global room/ground combat. Characters who are stunned will be able to be captured. Once captured, a character can be executed as well. It will act the same as A/E now except there will not be a skill check system for success/failure. We will have safe zones where combat cannot happen and areas where combat is enabled but capture/killing is not. The timeline for that is to release hostile AI in the next month or two, then to pivot to A/E changes in a month or two after that. These changes to A/E will be implemented likely around the end of 2021 or start of 2022. This does NOT mean future combat scales (space, ground vehicles, facilities, etc.) will be global. Global Combat at all levels is not the intention. Most development conversations are about opt-in and/or easily avoidable PvP in the game. You will always have a safe place to hide, even if that means your impact on the game is very low.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 285)