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Communication: Spying

Remember that traitors are rarely appreciated and never forgotten

  • Bribe, threaten, or intimidate any member of the combine Out of Character for any purpose or reason.
  • Sell, trade or give away classified information gained by you on a previous character.
  • Collect or share out of character personal information that does not pertain to interactions with the game, for any purpose beyond voluntary community social activities. For example, you may not collect real names, addresses, photographs or hardware footprints of players for counterintelligence. You may store IP addresses of accounts that access your website, forums etc.
  • Impersonate a member of the Combine for any reason. This means you may not pretend to be another member over any communication mediums such as e-mail, IRC, message boards, MSN, etc.
  • Directly access the private accounts of other members on group or faction websites (including message boards, wiki projects, databases, etc.) for the intent of gathering information, even if granted permission by that member.
  • Intercept the private communications of other members such as e-mail, IRC, MSN, private messages on forums, etc.
  • Join a private protected chat channel for the sole purpose of getting a faction's member count and member names, or retrieve a channel's access list for the same purpose.
  • Hack or exploit software weaknesses in web pages, chat rooms, or any other areas of a group or faction.
    • Note: This includes misconfiguration when a clear effort was made to secure the web site (such as being private but accidentally left open to search crawlers).
  • Obtain files from any storage medium of another player or faction through the use of hacking, worms, trojans or other software infiltration methods.
  • Manipulate the game engine in order to hide or change your current in-game status. For example, you may not use a Star Destroyer custom picture on a Y-Wing or use an avatar picture showing you are under arrest if you are not.
  • Use faction privileges to betray your faction beyond providing information (includes inventory actions on things assigned to you by your faction).
  • Intentionally destroy assets of your own Faction.
  • Create a new character at respawn with the goal of joining a faction to spy on it.

Anyone breaking these rules, or encouraging/ordering someone to break these rules, will be punished. Punishments vary from CPs or asset losses to definitive banishment from the game.

  • Access all publicly accessible areas of group or faction (websites, message boards, IRC channels etc.) to gather information.
  • Defect to another group, then reveal to your new group information you know about your old group. However, be aware that people do not like traitors, and defectors are frequently mistrusted in their new group.
  • Trade or sell information that you have gathered within the confines of the spying rules to another member, group or faction.
  • You may agree to a deal with another member and receive their side of the payment but not contribute your own. For example, you may advertise to sell a ship you do not have and take payment for it, but provide no ship in return. Be aware that people who do this will quickly become noted as scammers within the trading community.
  • Place members within or in the vicinity of a target to gain information about it and its surrounds prior to a military strike.
  • Spread either true or false information about any member, group, or faction (including yourself) for any reason. For example, propaganda turning a military defeat into a victory, or lying about the actions of another member..
  • Use faction access as "read-only" to provide information to an enemy.
  • Enter areas to which you are given access as long as it does not take any extra actions from you or another spy.
  • Use a Faction Advisory Panel or full ownership powers to loot a faction or otherwise betray its members.

These rules will be updated as more parts of the Combine become available.

The following examples show proper and improper ways of sending spies to an enemy faction.

Billy Bob joins a government to spy on it for their enemies. He uses his fleet access to give information about the faction's movements.

Billy Bob is in compliance with the Spying Rules.
Susan is spying on an enemy faction. She uses her ability to add others to crewlists to let enemies enter a shield network.

Susam is violating the Spying Rules.
Eric tells his friend from work to join SWCombine and make a character for an enemy faction to gather intel.

Eric is violating the spying rules.

The following examples show proper and improper uses of faction privileges.

John is a member of a starship company, a factioned owned by a government he considers an enemy. He has access to production tools and events. Each month, he sends a summary of what has been produced to his allies.

John is in compliance with Spying Rules.
Kate is the leader of a mining company, but not the owner. She notices the faction has so many credits and ships unprotected. Without permission, Kate loots the faction of all credits and assets that are unprotected.

Kate is violating the Spying Rules.
Morgan is a low-tier member of the a big government who is disgruntled with the leadership. He learns that the leader will be hunting on one of their worlds this week. Morgan grabs his own hunting crew and sneaks over. Morgan attacks his Faction Leader and kills him.

Morgan is in compliance with the spying rules.
Nate is a member of a faction. He really dislikes a few fellow members and wants to kill them. He then uses his ship assignment privilege to assign himself to their current ships to get access. Nate boards and tries to kill his targets.

Nate is violating the Spying Rules.
Paula notices a big shipment of rare equipment is being delivered to her department in the faction. She wants to sell them on the black market so she moves the crates onto her ship and flies away with them.

Paula is violating the Spying Rules.

The following examples show proper and improper methods of data recording.

Cyndi runs the counter intelligence operations for Generic Government. She notices a new member is experienced in the game but is on a new character. A note is made that this person may be experiencd with mechanics of the game. No other questions are asked and nothing else recorded.

Cyndi is in compliance with the Spying rules.
George also runs counter intelligence at Generic Government. He sees the same new member but this time asks more questions. He demands to know prior characters of the new member, and denies them entry or makes notes on their record about it.

George is violating the spying rules.
Billy Bob got caught spying on his group and was executed. His next character rejoins the same faction. In compliance with the Spying Rules, he is allowed back in and his record does not reflect his past character or actions. Billy Bob once again spies on them or attempts to assault them from the inside in any way.

Billy Bob is violating the Spying Rules.
Luke is spying on a pirate faction for his old group. He has access to their Discord server and private forums. Luke downloads everything to his computer making a massive text log of chat history. This file is then shared with others.

Luke is violating the Spying Rules.
Leia has joined an enemy faction in hopes of spying on it. She gains access to their Discord and forums. She notices that the leader has shared some sensitive OOC information about their real life that could be used against them. A report is sent to her old faction to tell them of the good news.

Leia is violating the Spying Rules.