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Posted by Polar on Year 22 Day 339 16:25

Polar here

It is time for a new round of Deathmatch! Many people seeing Circle avatar being paired against a Jawa in the last round, said that this will be a fight of giants. More than 432 people participated in voting for this battle, making this duel the most voted on from the whole tournament! The winner can only be one though, and the person who advances to the final round.... has the circle avatar! Can anyone stop him? Or is this a new meta? Cast your final vote here and let's wait for the results!


Moving on to grudge matches. Most Anticipated Feature or features are A/E changes. There is big pressure from Stun Cuffs Lobbyists to make those changes minimal, but we will see. Most hands-on date's race is Codru-Ji, closely followed by Jawa. Last place was taken by sad Bosph. When it comes to first important decisions as Asim, majority of people would check if they can create a city on the sun. Some jokers would prefer to rename Gov Factions to the titles of Kpop songs instead. Not many people voted for banning people with suspiciously looking avatars, probably because they have one of those by themselves.

Two new grudge matches are on, vote for them or not!


Today I would also like to talk a bit about quests. I'm sure many people noticed Missions and Quests page in our Rules. At the bottom of the page you can see a list of Standalone and Monument quests. This week, we added a new Monument quest called Fountain of the Ancients. Special thanks go to Quest Team and Lilith Delcroix, who wrote the script for this quest. Everyone is welcome to try it as well as other quests from the list! In the future we are hoping to have more official quests added there. One more thing, the Fountain quests starting location will be changed soon, currently it lists location on the ground, but to get there, you have to use a convenient shuttle that is close to the orbit of the planet. It's located at:

Sector: Hutt Space
System: Si`Klaata Cluster (360, 120)
Station: Fountain of the Ancients Gateway (3, 2)

You can just go inside and talk to the Shuttle pilot. Please keep your items on you at all times, littering on the station or anywhere on the planet will be punished, same with using the shuttle to go to a different square than where the Fountain is located. Have fun!


That's all for today, see you next time everyone.