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Posted by Wombat on Year 22 Day 362 12:19

There have (understandably) been a number of questions that have popped up in the last few days about the new Hostile AI. This should hopefully answer the most common ones.


Q: Will space bandits spawn outside of deep space asteroid fields now?

A: No. This update only changes the behavior of bandits (ground and space) once they have spawned. This sync did not change how or where bandits spawn.


Q: Will space bandits attack my mining depot/asteroid hideout/Y-8s?

A: No. This update did not make any changes to the types of entities allowed in combat (i.e. stations are still not part of combat) nor to the classes of entities allowed in combat (i.e. heavy freighters are still not part of combat... for now). The same is true for ground combat.


Q: Will space bandits attack player-owned ships, and will the ships defend themselves, with or without a pilot present?

A: Yes. Any ship that is capable of combat and owned by a player (character or faction) is a fair target, regardless of whether they are piloted or not. Unpiloted ships will defend themselves during a combat round. The same is true for ground bandits; any NPC or Droid or Creature that is owned by a player (character or faction) is a fair target for ground bandits and creatures.


Q: Does this mean that players can attack me anywhere now?

A: No. This is only a change to Hostile-owned creatures and bandits. There are no changes to the areas where PvP is possible at this time.


Q: Why did the bandit do this?

A: We are not answering any questions or revealing any design details of how or why the AI decides to take a particular action, outside of the general descriptions on the rules pages here and here.