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Space Combat: Space Bandits
Space Combat is currently in the early Alpha stages as we determine what type of system best fits with the Combine's development philosophy.

Space bandits are hostile NPC ship squadrons. Currently, PvE Space combat is enabled galaxy-wide, although space bandits are only found in Asteroid Fields.

You cannot die from space combat. If your ship is destroyed it will be turned into a wreck and you will be forced into an escape pod (even if your ship is not equipped with escape pods). Any other assets (docked ships or vehicles, items, or passengers) onboard the destroyed ship are also destroyed.

Bandits will ignore non-combat ships.

It is strongly recommended to engage in space combat in full squads.

Space bandits spawn between 2 and 4 squadrons when a player enters an asteroid field that meets the following conditions:

  • There are no existing bandits in the asteroid field.
  • There are no players already in the asteroid field.
  • There are no space stations other than asteroid hideouts in the asteroid field.

Space bandit squadrons consist of fighters and gunships. There is a small chance that a corvette is spawned in place of one of the squadrons.

Space bandits are controlled by a set of rules which determine their behavior. The exact details of the rules are considered secret and are not published. Developers and administrators will not reveal the details no matter how politely you ask.

Space bandits will choose between several behaviors based on the information available to the bandit. Space bandits receive enhanced sensor effectiveness tailored for their unique role in asteroid fields. Space bandits can share sensors with other space bandit squadrons. Getting into visual range or attacking a space bandit may cause their behavior to change.


Bandit ships which are captured revert to their normal "stock" sensor effectiveness.

If presented with multiple targets, space bandits will choose the best option based on role matchups. The preferred targets for various role combinations are considered secret and are not published.

Space bandits will act more or less aggressively based on their experiences in combat. A bandit that is attacked frequently will become more aggressive over time. A bandit that attacks frequently will become less aggressive over time.