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Posted by Polar on Year 23 Day 195 23:38

Polar here

We have added a few new Showdown Coordinators. You can find their names in the Showdown section in the Rules. Some of those Coordinators will be hosting not only public matches, but also private ones, so you can message them and arrange a match for your faction/group/alliance only. If you would like to know their availability or preferences on which type of showdown they prefer to run, check their posts in this thread. Have fun!


Final round of the current Deathmatch is out. Who will win? Let's find out, you can vote here. New grudge matches are out too, you can vote here (submitters will be rewarded soon).

Quick summary of the last weeks ones. Ideal father - Han Solo and Palpatine were left far behind Bail Organa. When it comes to creatures development, most people would like to have an ability to ride them. And the most preferred element is jawa.


This is all for today, have a good weekend everyone!

Polar out