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Space Combat: Showdowns
A Showdown is an organized combat match between at least two teams.

Showdowns are held with generated ships, and no assets are lost during the combat. You cannot die during a showdown, if your ship is destroyed you are launched into an escape pod. There is an option on the Character Sheet to teleport yourself out.

Showdowns are held within a dedicated arena inaccessible from the regular galaxy. The arena typically has accelerated time set, making combat and travel actions happen at faster speeds.

Characters are teleported into and out of the showdown arena automatically by the showdown coordinator. If you are stuck within a showdown arena, there is an option on the Character Sheet to teleport you out.

The following requirements apply to joining a showdown match:

  • You must opt in to joining showdowns on the Account Settings page. This setting applies for 3 days.
  • Your character must be alive, conscious and not arrested.
  • Your character must be situated within a room.
  • Your character must not already be in a showdown arena.
  • Your character must not be in a party, and must not have items equipped.
  • Your character must have an empty main action slot (not performing an action).

If you are injured when joining a showdown match, your HP will be reset to your starting HP upon exiting the match.

You can view your current eligibility to join showdowns on the Account Settings page after enabling it.

There are some general rules for coordinators starting matches:
  • You must gain permission of all showdown participants before creating a showdown.
  • You must not abuse any features of showdown creation for IC purposes, such as theft, scams or teleporting characters or assets.
  • You must only run showdowns in your allocated showdown arena.
  • You must not leave any showdown running unattended if AI teams are present.
  • The golden rule applies, any exploiting of showdown tools will result in an immediate strike and removal of the role.