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This is a courtesy announcement to let you know that within the next 24h, stat changes for heavy and light freighters will take place in order to prepare them for space combat in a future sync. 

This announcement is long overdue from THIS PREVIOUS SIM NEWS. I will edit this post with the stat changes that take place, containing the old and new stats, so stay tuned!



Below are pictures containing all of the stat updates for Heavy and Light Freighters.

Green numbers signify a number that increased
Red numbers signify a number that decreased
Dark green or red numbers signify a number that increased/decreased by roughly 2x or more(to signify "significant" changes)

Green or red numbers do not necessarily mean a stat got better or worse, such as how party slots dropping from 4 to 3 would be red, but allows an extra ship to be partied and could generally be seen as a positive change.



In addition, the Gozanti has had the following stat changes:
Shield: 350 → 425
Ionic: 200 → 250

Damage modifiers will be available for viewing when heavy and light freighters are enabled for combat in a future sync. At this time, all of your freighters have a modded status. This is due to how things work on the back end with stats, but within the next hour or so, you should see these icons go away for normally unmodified ships and existing entities will have their stats updated. The only exceptions to this are armour and weapons which have already been updated. Expect a final update when the stat sync is complete.



Stat sync should be largely complete at this time. If you had a heavy or light freighter that was uniquely modded before, and you've noticed that it has missing mods, please submit a support ticket, and we'll consider them on a case by case basis.

During the stat sync, we decided to update the stats for the YT-510 to below, so you can stand there with your items strewn all about if you wish:

Weight Cap: 0.16T → 2T
Volume Cap: 3 m3 → 5 m3


Please note, that minor adjustments may still be made, and if done, we'll compile a list of the minor adjustments and post them as another update. In addition, there's been confusion about whether or not frieghters may be used in combat in the Kowak system. Space combat has not been enabled for these ships, so they may not attack or defend yet. If you have freighters in Kowak that you do not wish to be destroyed, I suggest you move them sooner rather than later.


Thank you for your patience during this process!



Action VI tractor beams are back on the menu!



Just when you think you're done editing a post, you find something else. 
Cargo Canisters have just decided that they want to hold 2 passengers instead of 1. This will allow you to set up a vendor inside. 

(Edited by Falcon on Year 23 Day 276)