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Posted by Falcon on Year 24 Day 53 12:12

Hey little birbs, it's big birb.


Rumor has it that there's a hidden room in taverns (that definitely none of you have seen yet) where a Beskar Armourer is hanging out. If you happen to find a Beskar Ingot, you can go and visit a tavern owned by a mercenary faction. You will find Guild Contact Daargin there and you may show him the ingot. Follow the instructions that he gives you and he will let you see the Armourer, after you prove that you are worthy enough.

Visiting the Armourer will allow you to craft various parts of Beskar Armour as well as 2 new weapons: The Beskar Vambrace and the Beskar Staff, both now visible on the rules page. Crafting Beskar items takes a considerable amount of time and Beskar Ingots. Fear not, though, because the Armourer will hold onto any Beskar Ingots you want to store with them. The recipes for all Beskar items will be revealed after Armourer will be experienced enough to craft them. He gets more experienced by crafting beskar items for you or you can donate Beskar Ingot to speed up his learning process, which will be used to craft items for foundlings(how generous of you!). Donating a Beskar Ingot to the Armourer or asking him to craft you a Beskar item will result in the ingot disappearing(due to it being used), and furthermore, when crafting an item, there will be a credit cost(nobody works for free!) For the full rules, please visit the Beskar Crafting rules page.


With this update to the Bounty Hunting/Beskar quest line, we have introduced the aforementioned items as well as renamed the following items:

  • Mandalorian Helmet → Beskar Helmet
  • Mandalorain Armour → Beskar Armour
  • Mandalorian Belt → Beskar Belt
  • Mandalorian Jetpack → Beskar Jetpack

As always, make sure to thank Noctis for this new feature, and submit a support ticket with any questions/problems. HUGE shoutout to the Quests Team(Especially Eli Descartes) for the work in scripting this, Polar for coordinating things, as well as the QA team for rigorously testing the quest to ensure it works as intended.

Quick Edit: Rules page still refers to the above items by their old name, but will be updated in a future sync. Just know they're being renamed, thanks!

Mikel edit: For additional questions not yet covered by the Rules, see the FAQ post here.

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 24 Day 53)