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Missions and Quests: Beskar Crafting

Beskar Crafting is the act of converting Beskar Ingots and credits into usable equipment, with the aid of a specialist Armourer.

Mandalorian armourers can be unlocked in any tavern that is owned by a Mercenary-type faction by speaking to Guild Contact Daargin whilst holding a Beskar Ingot.

Daargin will give the player a task. Completing the task unlocks the Mandalorian Armourer in that specific tavern for that specific player only. Multiple players may unlock the Armourer at the same tavern

The Armourer can be unlocked at multiple different taverns by completing the task a repeat number of times.

Before you are able to use your Ingots in a crafting action, you must first store them within your cache. You can do this by talking to the Armourer with an Ingot equipped, or stored within an equipped item.


Stored Ingots can be accessed by Armourers at different locations.


Once stored, an Ingot cannot be retrieved.

The Armourer can convert stored Ingots and credits to pieces of Mandalorian equipment, provided that they have the necessary experience.

No matter how many places you have unlocked the Armourer in, you may only have one concurrent crafting action.

No interaction with the Armourer is possible whilst they are crafting for you.

In order to craft more advanced pieces of equipment, the Armourer must have gained enough experience.

Experience is gained by:

  • Crafting pieces of equipment.
  • Donating Beskar Ingots to the Armourer.

The XP gained for crafting a piece of equipment will decrease each time that piece is crafted. The XP gained for donating an Ingot is generally greater than the XP gained from crafting.

Ingots can be donated directly from your storage cache, or by talking to the Armourer with a Beskar Ingot equipped or stored within an equipped item.

As the Armourer gains experience and levels up, the time taken to craft equipment will decrease.

The base time taken for crafting is as follows:

Item time
Beskar Vambrace
1 Week
Beskar Staff
2 Weeks
3 Weeks
4 Weeks
6 Weeks
8 Weeks

The Armourer will contact you once your new equipment is ready for collection. You may talk to any unlocked Armourer, with the relevant equipment slot empty in order to collect it.

The piece will automatically be equipped to the relevant equipment slot.

It is feasibly possible to lose access to an Armourer for reasons including, but not limited to:

  • Loss of access to a tavern.
  • Change of ownership of a tavern.
  • Wrecking or destruction of a tavern.

In the event of losing access, you will not lose your stored Ingots, nor will you lose any equipment pieces currently being crafted. Speaking to an Armourer at any other unlocked location will allow you to resume your progress.