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Posted by Kolomon Seph on Year 24 Day 105 19:41

Hello Combine!


The Art Rules for custom images have been reworked and consolidated into one cohesive page combining rules spread across multiple forum posts, the old rules page, Art Queue Team discussions over 4+ years, and FAQ’s from players.


The biggest change is to Public Images, which will now require those images to be created from scratch by an artist from the community. All currently approved Public Customs will remain accessible to the community for the duration of their normal 2 years rolling approval, at which point unless they meet the new rules they will be reverted to Private.

The majority of the rest of the updates are expansive clarifications on what is allowed for existing entities, so artists in the community know what the expectations are from the Art Queue Team. As always, the rules will evolve as time goes on, new entities are added, or new issues arise.

The entirety of the rules can be found here.


Any questions can be directed to Kolomon “Kolo” Seph, either via Darkness Message or Discord.


Any complaints can be directed to Noctis via handwritten letters in Middle English using the Comic Sans font on legal-sized paper only. Noctis can be found on any sun playing with porgs.

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 105)