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Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 190 5:46

Falcon Edit Y24 D202:


Force Drain Life cooldown has been raised to 60. Blame Vadik

Falcon Edit Y24 D191:
To clear up any confusion:

Force Drain damage has been changed from 30 → 26
Force Drain cooldown has been changed from 26 → 30

The values were mis-entered when the feature was pushed. Vadik tried to correct as quickly as he could, but it took me a bit to actually make the changes on main.



- The Force Skill Drain Life has been added for vampires Dark Side Force users.
- There are some minor backend changes to notifiers and to the inventory menu area. (For the next few minutes after the sync, your notifiers might reset and flash. All done!).
- Fixed an issue with the room map editor.
- Fixed an issue with applying planet and system custom images.
- Fixed an issue with changing faction second in command.

(Edited by Falcon on Year 24 Day 202)