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Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 24 Day 245 20:30

A faction management feature called "Subfactions" has been released to a select number of core factions.
The purpose of this feature is to shard large faction inventories. Smaller faction inventories will make existing tools more manageable for players.

Full technical details about subfactions are listed in the rules page.

A subfaction will share the name of its parent faction, example:
- "Galactic Empire" is a parent faction
- "Galactic Empire: ISB" is a subfaction of "Galactic Empire".
Subfaction information is are always public, and is listed on the public faction information pages.

The restrictions for subfactions are covered in detail on the rules page but basically:
- Subfactions have a separate inventory, and separate credits balance.
- Subfactions cannot hold territory, they delegate territory control to their parent faction.
- Subfactions share the same type as the parent faction, and inherit any innate functionality based on that type.
- Subfactions do not have restricted or generic datacards, only the parent faction holds these.

Members of subfactions have a primary faction, which can be swapped at any time (via swapper on the right hand menu).
The primary faction can be swapped at any time to interact with any SWC functionality that has not been updated for subfactions.