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Faction Creation: Sub-factions

Large factions can request that sub-factions be created for them by the Combine administration. The current purpose of a sub-faction is to help manage and categorise assets for factions whose inventories may cause technical issues with the Combine.

The sub-faction is technically a separate entity and will have its own inventory. It will be listed as a sub-faction on the parent faction's info page.

Normal faction creation rules do not apply to sub-factions.

  • There is no minimum material asset value, and no headquarters facility is required.
  • Sub-factions are owned by the parent faction, and cannot issue stocks.
  • The sub-faction will share the modules of the parent faction.

At this time, sub-factions do not have dissolution checks and will not dissolve.

The faction owner will have the ability to assign and change the faction leader at any time. By default, the leader of the parent faction is the leader until a new leader is assigned.

If the leader of a sub-faction is changed from the leader of the parent faction, the leader of the parent faction will still retain all privileges in the sub-faction.


Unlike a normal faction, a sub-faction can have no leader.

A member of the parent faction can also be a member of any sub-factions of that faction. In order to submit a join request for a sub-faction the player must already be a member of the parent faction.

A player has a 'primary' faction, which is displayed on their profile. At any time a player can switch their primary faction to another faction they are a member of by hovering over the name of their primary faction on the menubar and selecting a different faction.

Players can hover over an inventory counter to quickly view the counters, and access the inventories of, other factions they are a member of. Similarly, faction related notification icons can be hovered over to view a breakdown of notifications by faction.

You can leave a sub-faction at any time without leaving other sub-faction(s) or the parent faction. Leaving the parent faction will automatically leave all sub-factions.

Privileges are not shared between a faction and its sub-faction(s). A member of a faction with privileges will not be able to perform the same actions in the sub-faction without receiving the privileges in the sub-faction.


Joe Bloggs is a member of the Galactic Empire and one of its sub-factions, the Imperial Navy. He is given the privilege to view ships in the Galactic Empire.

Joe will be able to view ships owned by the Galactic Empire, but will not be able to view ships owned by the Imperial Navy.

Similarly, if he is granted the view ships privilege for both factions and makeover privileges for the Imperial Navy, he will be able to makeover ships owned by the Imperial Navy but not those owned by the Galactic Empire.

Subfactions will have access to all of its parent's datacards.

Subfactions do not have access to restricted datacards from their parent faction, however the parent faction can assign datacards.

Subfactions do not have access to any generic datacards, nor can they purchase generic datacards.

Subfactions use the parent faction headquarter facilities.

Subfactions do not acquire HQ datacards, nor can they build HQ stations.

Subfactions delegate their territory control to their parent faction. Any population controlled by the subfaction is counted as population for the parent faction in government calculations.