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Posted by Falcon on Year 25 Day 41 12:42

EDIT: Y25 D53: If you get the debugger error below, it's because you do not have a free slot open to accept the keycard from the guard (RULES LINK). Make sure you have an open hand/utility slot and it'll pop in there.

Debugger Output:
`guardpost-give-key`: Another item is currently occupying that slot (on line 511)

Entity F4LC0N:

(guardpost-give-key NPC("F4LC0N")) ; Line 511
(board-filter-and-go 1075651065 1075646514) ; Line 79
(precheck-keycard 1075651065 1075646514)


EDIT: Y25 D49: It would seem a fellow birb has been hired to guard the entrance against party members and naysayers. Please do not disturb him. 

((OOC: Due to some individuals bringing party members onboard the station even though attempts were made to dissuade them, a guard has been placed in the entrance room. External NPCs are not allowed on the station and will be purged in 24 hours unless removed. We will not reimburse them. For those of you who cannot make it past the guard at the entrance, please send me either a DM or reach out to me on discord and I will teleport you (and any party members) to the entrance room without removing your NPCs.


Ninja edit: No droids either))


Folks, I've been getting a bunch of reports of a distress beacon coming from an abandoned research station in The Maw. If anyone is in the area, I'd suggest checking it out to see what's going on and if you can help. 

Be warned! This station has been abandoned for a while now and you may require some gear to protect you from the environment(or lack thereof) before you can board it. 

((This is not the start of an event, just the announcement of a new quest))

(Edited by Falcon on Year 25 Day 53)