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Dominion Liberates the Kowak System
Hacked by: Tomas O`Cuinn, Blue Star Engineering
Date: Year 22 Day 339 Location Unknown


Throughout the past week, the Kowak system has played host to an intense series of battles between an entrenched force of criminal factions and a joint task force of Rebel organizations led by the Blue Star Dominion. After the system was discovered by a Dominion reconnaissance team tracing mysterious SOS transmissions on Day 331, Kowak's dire situation quickly became clear - a civilian population being brutally oppressed by local crime lords. The Dominion dispatched a detachment of Ghosts, its special operations unit of force users, under the command of Arbiter Kara DuMonte to survey the extent of the criminal operations on the ground. Determining that the criminal warlords would not be easily displaced, DuMonte relayed the need for a large-scale operation to Dominion Command.

Marshal Cedron Tryonel of Dominion Command engaged lines of communication with other Rebel groups to establish a coalition to liberate the planet. The task force, formed from fourteen unique organizations, arrived at the Kowak system in several waves throughout the operation. More than forty-five hundred ships and tens of thousands of ground troops, both sentient and droid, were dispatched to the Kowak system. The coalition's infantry forces conducted numerous coordinated assaults across the planet, securing landing zones for command posts and reinforcements. Simultaneously, the allied fleets rapidly established air superiority over the criminal forces and enacted systemwide patrols to intercept potential hostile reinforcements. Star Destroyers, Mon Calamari warships, and even a Lucrehulk battleship enforced a blockade over the planet while A-wings, B-wings, and Raider-class corvettes conducted patrols throughout the system. MC-30b corvettes served as landing crafts, turning their turbolasers into close air support alongside X-wings and U-wings. The fortified criminal forces lasted less than a week as the Rebel forces continued to pour into the system. Dominion Marshal Tomas o`Cuinn declared victory on Day 337 after capturing the last of the defiant warlords. Though minor pockets of criminals remained, the bulk of the fighting had ceased and transformed into humanitarian and reconstruction efforts. The civilian population of Kowak expressed their immense gratitude towards the Rebel coalition by establishing Day 337 as a planetary holiday 'Liberation Day.'


Despite threats from the Zann terrorist group, the Dominion maintains that there is no evidence of their direct or indirect involvement. The task force did not anticipate any Imperial complications due to the Galactic Empire's blatant disinterest in the Outer Rim, allowing the Rebellion to prosper for years. While several starships did arrive in the system after the Dominion’s travel restrictions were put into place, only a single vessel attempted to access the planet in defiance of the restriction and ignored several high priority hails and attempts at communication; the captain of that corvette rapidly amended their decision after becoming the recipient of a warning shot.

Many analysts throughout the galaxy have questioned the continued viability and resolve of the Rebel-aligned factions in the aftermath of the New Republic's fall. Despite reclaiming many of the lost territories from the Empire, the Rebel losses in those campaigns and diminished resources prompted many to doubt the Alliance would ever reemerge as a major player on the galactic stage. After the recent rebel operations in Petabys, Tolonda, and Kowak more than proved the operational capacity of the Rebellion, it seems fair to say that those doubts can safely be put to rest.


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