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Blue Star Engineering

Type: Manufacturing
Founded On: Year 22 Day 80
Leader: Vadik Edik
Second In Command: Tomas O`Cuinn
Recruitment Liaisons: Taranjeek O`Cuinn
Chat: Discord Invite

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Dominion Background
The Blue Star Dominion is a sovereign state located in the Southeastern Outer Rim; it is the governing body of the Sevetta sector along with the Dagu and Teljkon star systems, though maintains both overt and discrete operations throughout the galaxy. The Dominion is named for the two blue stars within the Dagu and Woldona systems, and its roots run deep as the successor to the Gree Trade Authority (Year 15-18) and Sevetta Conglomerate (Year 19-20) along with a number of other organizations throughout the years. Blue Star directly employs more than tens of thousands of individuals and indirectly supports hundreds of thousands of jobs through the governing of numerous developed worlds.

The Dominion currently consists of Blue Star Enforcement, Blue Star Engineering, and Blue Star Extractions.

Dominion Politics
Although the roots of Blue Star began within an Imperial Union state, the Dominion's predecessors were declared an enemy of both the Galactic Empire and its puppet, Black Sun, in approximately Year 15. These hostilities were born from the greed and paranoia of Alexander von Ismay, who abused the trust placed in him to seize control of Black Sun from its leadership and subsequently rewrote history in an effort to legitimize his claim to the throne. As a result of the betrayal, aggression, and an Imperial fleet who openly threatened their home system, the Dominion and its predecessors have supported the Galactic Alliance, New Republic, and Rebel Alliance in the fight against Imperial tyranny. Blue Star is also a founding member of the Unity Protocol, a regional affiliation of organizations aligned in their opposition to the oppressive Imperial regime.

The Blue Star Dominion is committed to its allies in the communal struggle against the Empire and the pursuit of peace and liberty throughout the galaxy.

Dominion Leadership
Blue Star is overseen by Dominion Command, a triad of experienced leaders who command equal weight in all Dominion matters but oversee differing areas of interest and operations.
Taranjeek Tomas Vadik
Taranjeek Tomas Vadik

Dominion Employment
The Dominion maintains thousands of direct employees across a variety of industries. Competitive salaries paid weekly, free use of production facilities, generous paid leave, a lavish retirement program, and a relaxed work environment are just some of the reasons that Blue Star recruits and retains its staff at all levels without issue. Contact a hiring specialist for additional information.

Dominion Military
Blue Star's extensive interests make it a potential target, both from the oppressive Imperial Union and the occasional pirate. To defend its holdings and operations, the Dominion has invested significant resources into the production, maintenance, and operation of both a high-tech naval fleet alongside a well-equipped and professionally-trained infantry force. Blue Star also maintains a vast army of droids which provide enhanced fleet security and serve as auxiliary support troops in the field, providing a force multiplier to enhance combat efficiency. Each planet and system within the Dominion also boasts its own defense and law enforcement agencies.
34-36063-1558700872-small.png BSD Bastion, Imperial I-class Star Destroyer
Nearly unmatched in offensive capacity, the ISD serves the naval flagship and as a major deterrence against those seeking to assault the Dominion's operations.
34-36063-1606696411-small.png BSD Divine Autonomy, MC-80b Star Cruiser
MC-80bs are formidable warships that patrol the Outer Rim as a quick reaction force against Imperial and otherwise hostile incursion.
34-36063-1606696379-small.png BSD Virtuous Sovereignty, MC-80a Star Cruiser
Although slow, MC-80as are perfectly suited to their role as dedicated fleet carriers in the defense of the state's holdings in the Outer Rim.
34-36063-1606696968-small.png BSD Seraphic Resilience, MC-60 Star Cruiser
Highly flexible in their operations, MC-60s are tasked with supporting the Dominion's larger warships against formidable adversaries.
34-36063-1535122932-small.png BSD Reliance, Modular Taskforce Cruiser
Unrivaled in their hangar capacities aside from the Lucrehulk, MTCs act as reserve fleet carriers to replenish squadrons that may have suffered losses in combat.
34-28321-1486292705-small.png BSD Caldornis, Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser
Specializing in anti-starfighter operations, Dreadnaughts defend other capital ships that are typically vulnerable to starfighter assaults due to their focus against larger vessels.
main.jpg BSD Harmzuay, Kaloth-class Battlecruiser
Intended to support larger vessels as a multi-role cruiser, Kaloths boast an armament capable of assaulting any target ranging from starfighters to capital-class ships.
main.jpg BSD Reprieve, EF76 Nebulon-B Medical Frigate
"Medicae-class" frigates function as mobile medical ships for the recovery of both civilians and its own personnel who require medical assistance.
main.jpg BSD Steadfast, Ardent-class Fast Frigate
The Ardent allows for the rapid deployment of infantry, along with providing localized heavy turbolaser support, directly onto planetary surfaces.
34-28321-1440108458-small.png BSD Pillar of Fortitude, Corona-class Frigate
Although entirely capable of independent operations, Coronas excel when supporting either larger warships or squadrons of starfighters.
34-36063-1490140097-small.png BSD Champion, Crusader-class Corvette
With an upgraded sensor package alerting crews to distant threats, Crusaders serve as diplomatic vessels still capable of defending themselves.
main.jpg BSD Kraken, CR-92 Battle Corvette
Flawlessly designed for reconnaissance, CR-92Rs covertly report on enemy movements while stealth coating and long-range sensor package render the vessel unseen by all by the most powerful of warships.
34-36063-1413903436-small.png BSD Gree's Sacrifice, Mammoth-class Heavy Hauler
Unequaled in raw cargo capacity, the Mammoth functions as the heavy material hauler powering the Dominion's operations.
34-15459-1500941509-small.png BFF-1 Bulk Freighter
The backbone of most industrial fleets, the BFF-1 is widely-utilized throughout the Dominion.
main.jpg Firespray-class Interceptor, Assault Squadron
Firesprays enforce law and order within Dominion holdings, capable of disabling or outright eliminating potential threats.
main.jpg GAT-12h Skipray Blastboast, Assault Squadron
Equally capable of engaging enemy starfighter squadrons or capital ships, the Skipray is a mainstay of heavy assault squadrons.
main.jpg A/SF-01 B-wing Starfighter, Bomber Squadron
The Dominion depends upon its B-wing bombers and their fearless pilots to assault the heaviest warships and fortresses in the galaxy without issue, when necessary.
main.jpg BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighter, Bomber Squadron
Y-wing bombers are flown primarily against targets that don't require heavier equipment, such as pirate forces or moderately-defended structures.
main.jpg T-65 X-wing Starfighter, Fighter Squadron
X-wing fighters are the multi-role workhorse of its squadrons, capable of engaging every target with a perfect balance of firepower, durability, and maneuverability.
main.jpg RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor, Fighter Squadron
A-wing interceptors are specialized dogfighters flown by elite pilots against enemy fighters likely incapable of keeping pace.
main.jpg R-41 Starchaser, Fighter Squadron
R-41 fighters are typically deployed as indirect fire support against singular corvettes or gunboats, where their proton torpedoes can soften the enemy prior to real engagement.
main.jpg Toscan 8-Q Starfighter, Fighter Squadron
Toscans are utilized as a cheaper dogfighter and training platform in scenarios of lesser risk, when top-of-the-line technology is considered overkill.

Datacards Owned:
Ships Items Facilities Stations
GAT-12h Skipray Blastboat
Raider-class Missile Corvette
Sub-Space Radio
Ship Parts
Dry Dock
Naval Shipyard
Research Centre
Trading I
X7 Factory Station
Shipyard II
Shipyard III
Shipyard IV
Shipyard I
Merchant Space Dock
Depot Station II
Depot Station III
Depot Station IV