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Events in Brief
Year 20 Day 329: It seems today that while Golan Arms may be successful when it comes to production, they are less than apt when it comes to governing a planet, and the citizens of Vahaba Asteroid Belt 11 have finally come to realise this and have seized control intent on turning it over to a planetary body within several days.
Year 20 Day 328: Bork Shalas, the leader of Cult of M’dweshuu was replaced today by Gryx Hatu.
Year 20 Day 328: Today, scholars have identifed a new religious order gaining followers across the galaxy. Cult of M’dweshuu will try to attract worshippers, under the leadership of Bork Shalas. The first headquarters of Cult of M’dweshuu opened today in Necropolis 31 on Necropolis.
Year 20 Day 328: The ease with which Golan Arms had visibly improved the economy of Vahaba Asteroid Belt 11 has made it increasingly obvious to Vahaba Asteroid Belt 11's citizens that Golan Arms would make more than sufficient leadership, and have called together a council, intended to hand over authority to Golan Arms.