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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 343 19:06)


- Faction forums: Faction leaders and 2IC can create a board for your faction on the SWC forums.
- There are instructions available on how to set up and configure permissions for faction forums.

- Alazhi Refining (Turning Alazhi into Bacta at a Bacta Refinement Facility) has had a UI makeover and had its code updated.
- The equations have been tweaked slightly to make it take slightly more time to yield, and to put more emphasis on using NPCs.
- Now always requires the source materials to be aboard the Refinery. (Previously had some code with silos, etc. Cannot use silos anymore).

- Browser Notifications have been reworked. (As such, you will need to re-enable them from the settings screen if you want to use them).
- Browser notifications now keep track of unread events separately from the events screens, and do not reset the notification flashers when received.
- You can enable browser notifications for DMs.
- Browser notifications will now only prompt for browser permissions if they are first enabled in the settings screen, and browser notifications are disabled by default for new players.

- You can now block certain characters from sending you DMs. You can find the blocking controls on the settings page.

- Sensor blocking in asteroid fields have changed. Asteroid squares now reduce sensor power by half for each asteroid encountered. Previously asteroids blocked sensors.

- When you are within in a hidden system, you can view the galaxy map rules pages for that hidden system, previously this was not allowed. A tag has been added to hidden system rules pages.
- Travel planner: Manually plotting destinations within hidden systems using the coordinates should work. You can not browse hidden systems from within travel planner.

- Require items to have maximum uses when repackaging
- Fixed a bug where recycling a mine kept mining.
- Fixed an issue with faction dissolution caused unrelated event spam about warrants.
- Fixed an issue with bacta tank usage not resetting NPC Fitout Equip status
- Faction privileges page updated to work better on mobiles


D344 Hotfix:
- Fixed some errors that generate links showing incorrectly (kicking passengers, cockpit quick assign)
- Fixed regression with crating droids
- Fixed crash when hiring NPCs of new race.
- Fixed missing link back to faction forums in forum top menu when you aren't in that faction.

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 20 Day 344)