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Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 25 Day 75 17:40

Force Dominate

A new dark side force power has been added: Force Dominate.
Force Dominate is an activated power that can cause enemies to turn on each other.
Being dominated is a hidden status that will cause affected targets to damage to their own party in combat.

Generic Datacard Acquisition Cost Change

Generic Datacard acquisition and maintenance costs have changed. There will be a separate sim news posted about this.


- The Kel Dor Homeworld, Dorin has had its terrain changed, and has a new NPC city added.
- IFF has had a reason field added.
- Large palaces can now change planetary tax rate.
- Room auto movement rewritten to reduce concurrent room movement errors.
- Production mod is now shown on entity rules pages.
- Factions can no longer use commas in their names, commas can be used in some fields for splitting multiple names.
- Fixed door lock breaking mangled action wording.
- Fixed issue with loading combat reports.
- Added note to CP exchange about exchanging ships: Ships with landing capacity can only be purchased at Planetary Based Facilities. Ships without landing capacity can only be purchased at Space Stations.