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The Force: Activate Slot

The Force is a powerful energy field that can be harnessed by certain individuals, such as Jedi and Sith. The Force can be used to perform incredible feats, including but not limited to Force Heal, Force Mind Control, and Force Purify. Any Force power that can be activated will require the use of an activation slot, which can have a cooldown timer associated with its use. This allows for a more controlled and efficient use of the power, particularly in combat situations where quick reflexes and precise control are necessary.

All skills that use the action slot are clealy labled on the Force Use page with a button stating "Use" as shown below.

Activate 1

Once the "Use" button has been selected, a targeting UI will be presented where you can select the entities on which you wish to use the skill on. Entities must be showing in the Targeted Members section to enable an effect to be applied. Use Add buttons to move entities to the Targeted Members section and Remove buttons to move entities back to the Non Partied Entities section. If a skill can be used multiple times, you can target one entity up to the maximum amount of uses for that skill based of of Max Hits. The targeting UI includes several sorting buttons, which allow you to filter the entities that are selectable based on whether they are enemies (based on IFF) or non-enemies (neutral or friendly on IFF). Using these buttons will cause the entities that are selectable to be filtered accordingly.

Activate 2

The cost shown on the Force screen is just the base cost. For each entity selected beyond the first one, there will be an additional Force point cost. This cost will be updated on the targeting UI when entities are targeted.

baseCost = force point base cost
maxHits = max hits
targeted = amount of targted
cost = baseCost + ((floor((baseCost/maxHits)/4)-1) * targeted)

Once the desired entities have been selected and there are enough Force points to use the skill, the "Use" button will become populated and clickable, allowing you to activate the power. You do not have to use all of the targeting slots if you do not wish to do so.

Activate 3

Once an activation power has been used, the activation slot will be populated with a Force cooldown, which will prevent any future Force activation powers from being used for a certain amount of time.

Activate 4
Activate 4The ability to heal living creatures with the Force is a distinctively light side-oriented power. To heal something, the Force user connects with the midichlorians of the wounded party, and shares some of its own life energy with them to help the midichlorians heal the body. It is more effective on wounds than illnesses, due to their localization and less complex nature.
Heals up to max hits using the damage equation, applied equally to injured members selected. Brings unconscious members of the party back to 1 HP. Recharge time of 2 hours.
The cooldown for Force Heal is 120 minutes

The following is used to get the heal amount that is applied to all entities targeted.

FMModifier = Force meter modifier
Alpha = Force Alpha
firepower = Force Skill Firepower
powerLevel = Force Skill Level

healAmount = max(round(((((powerLevel * Alpha) * firepower) * Alpha) + FMModifier)/2),1);

The amount of entities that can be targeted is found by using the Max Hits that a skill can do and the Force Alpha.

max(round(maxHits * Alpha),1)
Activate 4Mind Control is a controversial ability for those who practice the light side of the Force. It allows the Force user to suggest an action or intention into the mind of a target. When successful, the target will repeat or perform the suggested action. Because the ability suggested the action but does not compel the target to obey, those with stronger willpower or who have special training can resist the Mind Control technique.
Causes the affected entities to be confused for the next combat round or until the timer expires.
The cooldown for Force Mind Control is 120 minutes

The following code is used to calculate the hit chance for Force Mind Control. The calculation is performed per cast attempt. If the caster is confused themselves, the hit chance is reduced to zero. However, the reduced hit chance will only be presented to the caster if they are aware that they have been confused. The Force user is unable to target themselves to be confused.

Alpha = Force Alpha
Dex = Characters dexterity
powerLevel = Force Skill Level
FMModifier = Force meter modifier

hitChance = max(round(((Dex * powerLevel * 2) + (FMModifier *2)) * Alpha), 1);

Assuming the target is hit, the following code is used to calculate the duration of the confusion effect on the target. The confusion effect does not stack or reapply if the target is already confused.

adminMod = 4
minTime = 5
coolDown = 120
powerLevel = Force Skill Level
Alpha = Force Alpha
FMModifier = Force meter modifier

minutes = max(round((powerLevel/5 * coolDown + (FMModifier * adminMod)) * Alpha), minTime)