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Posted by Falcon on Year 25 Day 75 17:42

Coastas edit: Updated initial modules to clarify only factions currently owning generic datacards will get the Datacard module

Modular Phase 1 has synced. Generic datacards no longer cost members, see new rules here:


Phase 2.0 will be released without a warning when we are ready, as the conversion process to modular factions is voluntary during this phase. Phase 2.0 also acts as the warning period to Phase 3, when any remaining unconverted factions will be automatically converted.

The timeline of events currently looks like this, but are subject to change:
- Phase 1: DC Change (released)
- Phase 2.0: New factions will be modular, but the alliance module will not be available. Existing factions from this point on may convert if they wish but will not be forced to. (~1 month from now)
- Phase 2.5: New factions will be modular, and the alliance module will be available. (~2 months from now)
- Phase 3: Existing factions will be forcibly converted to modular factions. (see below for modules carried over) (~3 months from now)

Upon conversion, factions will receive applicable modules at no cost, in the following priority:
- Core module
- Government module or equivalent of current type(eg. Mercenary -> Paramilitary module)
- Subfaction modules(1 per existing subfaction)
- Planetary Control module, if planets are controlled at the time of conversion. Planetoids are exempt and will not obtain this module.
- Datacard module, if generic datacards are owned


The administration would like to make it clear that we will not be merging factions. There will be no refunds for costs incurred as the result of abandoning a secondary shell and purchasing its applicable modules elsewhere. Nor will an error of judgement be reversed or otherwise corrected.

(Edited by Coastas Agrios on Year 25 Day 82)