Nikklon Mining Incorporated

Type: Modular
Founded On: Year 5 Day 90
Leader: Darius Fenn
Second In Command: John Uurp
Recruitment Liaisons: Talen Mordare, John Uurp
Chat: #CMG-NMI

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Nikklon Mining Incorporated is not offering services to the public.

Nikklon Mining Incorporated is the only mining company that can boast a real technological edge over its competition. Founded on a world so close to its sun that an orbital base to prevent its mining personnel from being incinerated was necessary, Nikklon developed rapidly despite the hostile conditions. For years the company remained hidden and secretive, until one man came to the front of the company.

Under the insightful leadership of new CEO Jeff Corbin the company opened up to the public and has since gained the respect of the galaxy and offered employment opportunities to all. With the best trained transport, mining and research staff Nikklon is always there to serve its customers to the best of its ability. More like family with a business the key to Nikklon's success has been its dedication to its staff and to its customers.

Whether your building a new factory complex or a YT-1300 Nikklon has the materials you need.

Nikklon Mining Incorporated: Mining your everyday needs.


Faction Mining Manufacturing

Datacards Owned:
Ships Vehicles Droids Weapons Facilities Stations
Y-TIE Ugly
C-wing Ugly
GRZ-6B Wrecker
TIE-wing Ugly
X-ceptor Ugly
Y-8 Mining Vessel
SX-65 Groundhog
FK-7 Airspeeder
EVS Construction Droid
LIN-series Miner
Alpha Plus Charge
Recycling Plant
Dry Dock
Naval Shipyard
Research Centre
Trading I
X7 Factory Station
Recycling I
Recycling II
Recycling III
Recycling IV
Merchant Space Dock
Depot Station II
Depot Station III
Depot Station IV
Shipyard II
Shipyard III
Shipyard IV
Shipyard I