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(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 172 20:38)

Faction Generic Datacards
- There is now a daily job that runs and will enforce generic datacard membership requirements.

- You can now duel wield any duel wieldable weapons (previously you could only duel wield the same type of weapon)
- You can now cancel a bacta tank healing action (if you are in the tank and conscious). Doing so will not heal you and you will lose the bacta in the process.
- Cybernetics now shows you a preview of the success chances.
- Sector rules page now shows mini galaxy map preview.

- Asteroid Mining Depleting Deposit crash fixed.
- Asteroid Prospecting from non-squad leader now works better.
- GPS no longer operates when in hyperspace (it didn't previously work in hyperspace, it just acted like it did)
- Asteroid prospecting events are now sent to more people.
- Fixes to facility construction not moving certain things out of the way.
- HP and XP transaction sheets are now more detailed, and Force XP sheet is split from XP and shown on its own page (for new events only).
- Fix Crash when protecting/transferring stocks.
- Faction Stock now costs a flat 100,000 credits to protect/unprotect (Previously cost nothing).
- There's been some changes to how infantry squads are stored in the database, expect future bugs with this change.
- Workaround for a crash when sharing scanners with NPCs who were holding items with corrupt locations.
- Fix Force Speed ability
- Force page now more mobile friendly
- Show stats page now shows location and has travel planner destination button.
- Fix bacta tank parties occuring.
- Fix IFF page multiple entry.
- Fix an infinite XP exploit (Thanks to the unrelatedly swoll Jic)
- Income no longer shown on galaxy map pages and other pages (The value previously shown was the meaningless tax income value, and was removed many years ago and entirely unrelated to any FI income)
- Red/Green/Blue Flash messages no longer occlude buttons behind.
- Some missing Station IFF images were added.

Rules updates:
- Asteroid field damage rules are more detailed.
- Jetpack rules
- Datacard rules

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 21 Day 172)