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Sometimes I'll start a sentence and
(Posted by Noctis on Year 22 Day 164)
Year 22 Day 164, 20:17 Noctis banned player Irdo Vag providing the following reason: Multi Ban Year 22 Day 164, 20:17 Noctis...

Don't mess with the Zohan
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 128)
2 Year 22 Day 128, 16:43 Baugrems banned player Za Zarzuela Zohan providing the following reason: Multi Ban 3 Year 22 Da...

I heard y'all enjoyed Ban Hammers -- Multi Ban
(Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 112)
1 Year 22 Day 112, 12:46 Falcon banned player Dawn Skye providing the following reason: Multi Ban, Asset Laundering 2 Year 22 ...

Community News

Art Queue Team is Hiring!
(Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 167)
In an attempt to keep things streamlined and fresh, we are going to open the Art Queue team to some applicants. We are only looking...

Datacard Showdown - Invites Sent + More Info
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 165)
Welcome to another Datacard Showdown update! As of this post, all groups should have received an in-game message from me explaining...

Asim Applications
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 160)
It is once again time for a new asim or two to step up! As always, the rotation of staff every 6 months gives people a chance to ta...

Technical News

Generic Anti-fighter Corvette added
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 147)
The Raider-class Missle Corvette has appeared in the galaxy! The datacard is available on the generic datacard market as of now. Th...

Sync Report Y22 D143
(Posted by Baxter Snow on Year 22 Day 143)
Small sync with some QoL stuff today. Clarified Bounty Hunting rules regarding accuracy of scan bearing Updated Bounty Hunting ...

Web Services API v2
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 22 Day 140)
Web Services has an API change, there is a forum post detailing the exact changes available here. The summary for consumers of the...

Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 167 7:34

In an attempt to keep things streamlined and fresh, we are going to open the Art Queue team to some applicants. We are only looking for a few at this time, but this will likely become a regular thing about once or twice a year depending on the activity of the members of the team. Keep in mind we are looking for people who have experienced the art customization system in SWC and want to be part of helping it operate smoothly. Having experience in creating art that passes the art queue is a major plus. Actively using discord is a must. Applications will run for about one(1) week. Thank you.
All potential candidates please message me on discord: Galia Winters#0576

We never expected so many applications! However We have a tremendous amount of candidates who have applied for very few slots.

From deep in my heart I say thank you for the interest, however I am going to close the application process for now. Thank you :)


Edit: We have our candidates and they have been informed of their acceptance. For all of those who applied, thank you so much for your interest and perhaps we will see you next cycle!

(Edited by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 169)
Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 165 15:06

Welcome to another Datacard Showdown update! As of this post, all groups should have received an in-game message from me explaining their eligibility. If you did NOT receive one and feel your group should have received one, let me know.It may have gone to a different member of your group if you have multiple factions so keep that in mind as well.


A few changes since the first post have been made as well to make things easier on those involved, and to make it more fun. There will now be 6 winners instead of 4. Each datacard can be chosen TWICE overall instead of once. 1st and 2nd place will get to pick again from what is left after 6th place chooses its datacard. The events themselves will also be spread out more so I expect it to take the entire week instead of just the weekend, but you won't need to be active the entire time. Each phase will be broken into a tournament bracket randomly generated for fairness. We will determine best times between each group and move it along as quickly as possible.


Teaming up will likely not be possible. Even so, we will watch for shady behavior. Your group should act in its own interest and for its own datacards or they may be disqualified.


Space Combat Phase:

The 4 champions from each team will be split into different types of ships to form a small fleet. Two fleets will engage with the winner moving on in the tournament bracket. Expect Corvettes, gunships, bombers, and fighters.

Ground Combat Phase:

The 4 champions will be given squads that specialize in different things. Expect melee, sniping, and everything in-between. Tournament style as well. 2 teams face off.

Mystery Phase:

Expect anything from R&D skills to Perception to Combat to Space Combat to Infantry Command... expect anything and nothing! You'll need to be creative and quick-witted. There is no other way to prep for this one.

Champions Circle:

The top 6 teams will battle it out here. Ground, Space, and Room combat are involved.



UT-60D U-wing Support Craft - Permanent Datacard

Goji-DF Turtle Tanker - Permanent Datacard

MC-30b Corvette - Permanent Datacard

Kandosii-type Dreadnaught - Permanent Datacard (stats and art pending)

Winners will be the teams with the most overall points. The prize pool will be selected from in descending order for their faction. 6 winners overall. Each DC can be chosen twice total. Draft order is -  1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 1st, 2nd.

Every team member who competes, even if their team does not win, will get to choose a Physical DC of one of the new ships, making a full squadron (12 slots).


edit: some of the DMs didn't go through. I'm working on it now. Will edit again when they're all fully sent.

Edit: All sent!

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 165)
Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 160 19:27

It is once again time for a new asim or two to step up! As always, the rotation of staff every 6 months gives people a chance to take a break, either from IC or from staff. This set will be from June to December.

Here are the rules:

  • Newly hired asims are not required to irrevocably drop their character. Instead, their characters are suspended for the duration of being an asim.     
  • Asims have no IC activity related to their character while working for the administration.     
  • Asims will have a defined period of service of six months after which a new group of asims will be hired. There is no limit on the number of terms if reselected.     
  • Applications will be in December and June, with terms serving between January and July.     
  • Compensation in the form of Combine Points will be provided for asims who remain active and effective throughout their service period.     
  • Asims are required to use Discord and must be active in staff channels as that is how the majority of decisions are made.     
  • Asims duties center around helping players affected by bugs, handling support tickets, and dealing with rules violations. There will be opportunities for asims to assist in designing RP opportunities for SWC at large, along with participating in discussion on game features before they are announced or implemented.

Applications should be submitted via Darkness Message to Arjuna, Baugrems, and Kyle. Please answer the following questions in your application.

SWC-specific questions:

  • What is your Combine handle?     
  • How long have you played SWC?     
  • What have you done IC so far (including previous characters)? What are you working on currently, and what is your position with your faction?     
  • Why do you want to become an asim?     
  • Are you involved in any other online games or RPGs of a similar nature? If so please describe your position and responsibilities     
  • Please provide three references of SWC members who are not on the administration team that have been in the game for at least two years.

Real-life questions:

  • Where do you live?     
  • How old are you?     
  • What is your occupation?     
  • How much time would you like to volunteer per week on improving SWC?     
  • Have you performed administrative duties in the past or organized groups/events?     
  • Would you rather fight 100 Porg-sized Rancors, or 1 Rancor-sized Porg? Why?


Applications will be open until May 31st with new asims starting their term sometime between June 5th and 15th.

Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 159 14:06

Some of you may have noticed the addition of the U-Wing and the Goji Turtle Tanker on the rules. These have been created for an upcoming event where you can earn these datacards for your faction. A series of events involving space combat, ground combat, room combat, and some events using other skills will be used to determine which faction can earn these datacards. There are more ships waiting on artwork to finish that will be included as well. R&D may be on the horizon but that's no excuse not to be able to earn some tech. Our largest request by groups is that they are worthy of tech like the groups 22 years ago were, but have no chance to show it. So... prove it!


To be eligible for the event, your group (umbrella of factions) cannot contain any unique DCs. As of this news post, information has been saved. New groups and old groups who dissolve will not be eligible. Each group leader will select 4 champions from the faction to represent them. If your group does not have 4 people right now, you are not eligible. Hiring sitters now will not count or help you in any way. Hiring others to fight for your faction also will not work. Having an umbrella of 4 factions with enough overall will count. There is no application process. We will approach you to ask who your people are over the next two months. We ALREADY have the data and any changes you make will not count. Eligibility is determined by the admins and we will do our best not to miss anyone. Another sim news will go out once everyone has been contacted. If by then you feel left out, message us, not now.


Teams will earn points in each event which will be tallied to pick a top 4. These 4 top teams will get to each choose one of the available datacards. 1st place gets 1st pick, and so forth.


Each team member who participates, even if their team does not win, will also get a reward.


Starting on Saturday June 26th at 2pm EST, we will be hosting this showdown. It should last for the weekend but might go longer depending on how things go. 


Questions should be held until more announcements come as details of the event will be released before you have to choose your champions. Pressing issues in the meantime should be sent here.


For now, May the 4th be with you!


Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 137 15:20

Some of you may remember the old warsim games that used to be popular a few years back. We have taken that concept of sorts and added a way to play it in swc itself.


This warsim can be accessed from any security station. These are Golan I/II, Ataturk, and Platform XQ-1. There is no cost besides a bit of your time. Ships available only include fighters at this time, but some are restricted that you may never fly otherwise.


Every 2 weeks a new season begins. The winner (person with most points that "season") will be announced and given a reward.


As with any new release, there may be unknown issues so please watch for them and report them.


Edit: After a brief pause, warsim has begun once more with a new round. This week is Corvettes and next week will go back to fighters. NPCs can be found in the same places! Command rooms is a good place to check, even Petabys has access to the warsim now.

Edit2: Corvette round has ended! Zayth Kadrim has come out on top with a commanding lead. A new week of warsim is now open using fighters from the Clone Wars era, including a brand new Vulture-class Droid Starfighter!

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 156)
Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 150 12:38

Welcome to the final round of Deathmatch! Who will win? Fake Squirtle or Wish.com Chewbacca? Vote today and decide!


Now, let's see about these Grudge Matches... It appears that:

  • Baugrems is contractually obligated to make over Petabys to Lilith(Sorry Baugrems, the people have spoken)
  • Galia would win in a chick fight
  • Our next Darkness event is going to be a Yuuzhan Vong Style Invasion from the Unknown Regions***
  • And finally, you all accept that there is no cutest race(then again, birds weren't on there, so was it really a fair fight?

As for the next round of matches, we've got some spicy ones(pun intended):

  • Please vote that the Curry Kushiban is the best stewed species, and not the Fried Fosh. I don't want to have to rain judgement down upon you all so early into my tenure.
  • We're also going to find out which blue race is best. I heard a rumour that if they were green, that they would die. Someone please confirm?
  • Next, we get to see that Sevk will never own any kind of Star Destroyer. I only put this one up because I thought it would be funny. Judge accordingly.
  • Lastly, take the time to express which bounty tracking system was better, so that we can file it in the shredder and completelt ignore your votes.(edit: Tomas, I'm leaving this one in)

I'd like to thank everyone for submitting their grudge match ideas. There were, once again, an abundance of submissions, and I couldn't approve them all this round. I've saved a few for future rounds, so don't be discouraged, if you don't see yours. Apologies that this is a few weeks late, Noctis is making me say that it won't happen again(please send help, I have a family).

***All opinions expressed by Grudge Matches are solely opinions and do not reflect the opinions of the Star Wars Combine(herein "SWC") Administration. The Grudge Match opinions are based upon information they consider reliable, but neither SWC nor its administration, nor the entities with which such participants are affiliated, warrant its completeness or accuracy, and it should not be relied upon as such.
P.S. Props to the madman who voted before the Sim News came out. You're the real hero here.



(Edited by Falcon on Year 22 Day 150)
Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 147 12:15

The Raider-class Missle Corvette has appeared in the galaxy! The datacard is available on the generic datacard market as of now. This ship can easily remove those pesky A-Wing or TIE squadrons while looking good in the process. Just watch out for bigger corvettes and bombers. Get yours today!

Posted by Baxter Snow on Year 22 Day 143 15:28

Small sync with some QoL stuff today.

  • Clarified Bounty Hunting rules regarding accuracy of scan bearing
  • Updated Bounty Hunting scanning to prevent use of scanner in WarSim system
  • Added WarSim to Quest rules page
  • Added LISP function to set a ship's hyperspeed to 0
  • Asteroid Mining fix for repeating stored yield caps and added asteroid deposit size to mining widget
  • Travel Planner now defaults to hyper exit point when choosing a system. No more accidental sunning.
  • Travel Planner now warns you when you set a sun as your destination. Seriously, no more accidental sunning. Stop it.
  • You can now set a Travel Plan while in a Hyperspace Abort Cooldown. The Travel Plan will count down until the cooldown has finished, and then begin.
  • Art Team Leaders can now issue temporary bans for custom image submissions.
(Edited by Baxter Snow on Year 22 Day 143)
Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 22 Day 140 17:22

Web Services has an API change, there is a forum post detailing the exact changes available here.

The summary for consumers of the Web Services 1.0 API:

  • The 2.0 API has output format changes.
  • Web Services 1.0 API endpoints will disappear on or before Year 23 Day 150 (you will need to migrate to the 2.0 endpoints before then).
Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 136 12:35

The market on Petabys station has received a boost today, and it has reset to a new set of wares.


Instead of selling single fighters, it now sells full squadrons.

Corvettes can now be bought as well.

These share the same 5 day cooldown. You can buy once every 5 days, either a squadron or a corvette, and the wares change every 3 weeks.

Be careful though, your goods can be shot down once they're bought so get outside quick to dock or hyper away!


Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 22 Day 130 22:30

- April fools is over.

- All newly created wrecks are now NPC Owned.

- Asteroid Prospecting Changes: Prospecting a failed find is now faster (it uses a base time of 1 hour instead of 4) & Prospecting result traces are now shown on the map
- XP for failing a find roll has been reduced
- Each successful asteroid mining extraction slightly increases the deposit stability.

- Small buff for Turbolaser damage in general, and a buff for corvette turbolaser damage against fighters
- The space combat rules have been updated to include some previously undocumented information (specifically maneuver comparison factor).

Posted by Paul Luz on Year 22 Day 126 16:03

No jokes here! I want to give a huge thanks to all the players who submitted descriptions this past month. Here are all the descriptions updated in March. As a reminder, we still have our double CP incentive for descriptions of currently-undescribed planets- you could earn up to 10,000 cp's per description!

Writing descriptions is one of the best ways to enrich the galaxy and the game we all love so much. 


Bank Cloud Car DL-18 Foxhole Kulthis Park Pelgrin 

Personal Residence   Procopia Nizon Rathtar Resh 9876 

Tellrig-7 Trading II  Wynkahthu Zoo Station