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Exploiting Bugs Earn Bans
(Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 189)
Year 22 Day 189, 22:45 Falcon banned player Marcus Draenor providing the following reason: Bug Exploit Dear SWC, it has been ...

Sometimes I'll start a sentence and
(Posted by Noctis on Year 22 Day 164)
Year 22 Day 164, 20:17 Noctis banned player Irdo Vag providing the following reason: Multi Ban Year 22 Day 164, 20:17 Noctis...

Don't mess with the Zohan
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 128)
2 Year 22 Day 128, 16:43 Baugrems banned player Za Zarzuela Zohan providing the following reason: Multi Ban 3 Year 22 Da...

Community News

Dirty Pixel Forgiveness and You
(Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 238)
The Dirty Pixel policy has been a serious point of contention on many pieces of art and something I have been outspoken about in th...

Kandosii and Beyond
(Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 232)
Artwork by Fractalsponge and other Star Wars artists cannot be given credit through the art public system and benefitting from it e...

Datacard Showdown - Ending
(Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 215)
Please read this entire sim news before coming with questions. The bottom section will answer most of them. Space Winners Bracket ...

Technical News

New Sync Report Y22D242
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 22 Day 242)
- Vendors are now able to sell RM. Purchasing RM from a vendor requires using the "delivery to adjacent entity" feature which has a...

Sync Report Y22 D234
(Posted by Baxter Snow on Year 22 Day 234)
Today's sync brings some backend changes to the Combat Core engine and related utilties. The vast majority of the changes are focus...

Sync Report Y22D214
(Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 22 Day 214)
- Nearby combat events now show on the system maps and ground maps, and nearby combat reports can be viewed via the scanners. - Som...

Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 238 12:21

The Dirty Pixel policy has been a serious point of contention on many pieces of art and something I have been outspoken about in the past as I find it can be unreasonably strict. After some time observing and working with the Art Queue along with its members as well as consulting some other staff and reviewing the history of how we got where we are, I as Art Director am going to make a backwards policy shift. We are still going to maintain black backgrounds on entities other than NPCs, however those black backgrounds do not need to be pure black anymore to the fringe of your customs. Your custom image submissions will need to have black backgrounds that look black and uniform looking still but no longer will your artwork be denied for stuff such as one stray slightly off black pixel that we need a special tool to detect. 

Var's pixel tool will still be viable and can help with a lot of the off black issues that cause lack of black background uniformity. Var's Dirty Pixel Tool is the link and by uploading your image and selecting the KILL option, should resolve 90%+ of all issues resulting from off black backgrounds. That said, this is a 3rd party tool and is not necessary so long as your background and the edges of that which is the custom is non-distracting from the custom itself. 

The Art Queue Team will still be using a 3rd party tool for now that helps see dirty pixels as a means of comparing images to see if things are in line with this new ruling, as not all of our monitors are the same. Two different approvals are still needed for each image submitted, and each of the approving team members must consider the image in question to have a non distracting all black background. Basically if the Art Queue team can see the dirty pixels unaided by a special tool, we will deny.

While all other rules remain in place, this policy shift is testing the proverbial waters of loosening restrictions while maintaining quality of the Art Queue. As always I welcome constructive feedback.  


EDIT: Please take notice, that even though we are not denying for invisible dirty pixels, we will deny for backgrounds that are not true black. The purpose of the dirty pixel forgiveness is to make it easier to submit things without sacrificing quality control. We will be enforcing a fully black background, minus invisible dirty pixels. Submitting customs with off black backgrounds, will be declined. Please message me if you have any questions. :)

(Edited by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 242)
Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 22 Day 242 5:21 New

- Vendors are now able to sell RM. Purchasing RM from a vendor requires using the "delivery to adjacent entity" feature which has an extra 5% fee associated.
- Improvements to datacard assigning events.
- Pilotable entities that are disabled will now show a timer indicating when they will become active again.
- Dissolution events are sent to faction panel members if faction is governed by a panel.
- Faction bankrupcy now has a 3 day grace period (previously dissolution was immediate upon bankrupcy).

(Edited by Clarr Solo on Year 22 Day 242)
Posted by Baxter Snow on Year 22 Day 234 10:33

Today's sync brings some backend changes to the Combat Core engine and related utilties. The vast majority of the changes are focused on smoothing the way for future changes and are transparent from a player perspective. There are, however, a few items of note:

  • Hostile NPCs can be commanded to Guard a room, and will open fire as soon as someone enters the room. This is not yet deployed as part of bandit hunting, because bandits do not spawn inside. Just a heads-up for future Quest-based content.
  • Lightsabers will now take a Force-aware individual's Lightsaber Combat skill into consideration. The skill is considered as part of a weighted average that also includes the individual's Non-Projectile Weapon (NPW) skill. You may see a small increase in damage output depending on your skill levels. Lightsaber wielders who are not Force-aware continue to use NPW/2 as the weapon skill.
  • Part of the changes to the Combat Core breaks Combat-related Hooks. This only affects Admin LISP scripts, and we have made every attempt to update them accordingly. If you encounter an error with a Quest or with Warsim, please contact Baugrems.

In addition, there are some minor tweaks to Production.

  • Ships and Vehicles will record the Builder (Commander of the Factory or Shipyard) at the end of production, and this information will be displayed in the detailed stats page. This is applicable for all production which finishes after the sync, regardless of when it was started.
  • Shipyards now have the option to force construction to occur outside regardless of ship length. Certain ships, such as the Goji, would normally be produced inside a Shipyard 1 but are too large to fit inside. This option allows these sorts of ships to be built outside of a Shipyard 1 even if they are shorter than 80 meters in length.

Also, the Squad page will now show the location of your Squads without making you click through to inventory to see them!

As always, feel free to check out the Development Projects tracker on your right-side Technical Menu for the latest projected status on new features.


EDIT: The NPW/LSC equation is not published at the moment will be on the rules page after the next sync. It is a weighted average of your NPW and LSC skills. You basically need a 5 in both to get an effective 5. Pretty much any other combination gets you a lower effective lightsaber skill. That effective number then gets halved and mushed around in the combat code and out comes damage, which at the end of the day is all that matters.

(Edited by Baxter Snow on Year 22 Day 235)
Posted by Galia Winters on Year 22 Day 232 20:21

Artwork by Fractalsponge and other Star Wars artists cannot be given credit through the art public system and benefitting from it even though it is game CPs is not going to be allowed anymore. To avoid conflicts, all PUBLIC art must be approx. 20% or more edited before it can be used as a public image from now on. If something falls through the the proverbial cracks, we will take care of it when we find out and remove the images without CP refund. If you feel your artwork or the artwork of another has been stolen and utilized through the public image system, please contact me (Galia Winters) and we will look into it. Repeated attempts to do this from this point forward will result in an Art Ban. Thank you for your understanding in this.

Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 215 15:02

Please read this entire sim news before coming with questions. The bottom section will answer most of them.

Space Winners Bracket
Round 3 due: Friday just before midnight combine time
Round 4 due: Saturday 8:00 combine
Round 5 due: Saturday 11:00 combine
Round 6 (Semi-Finals) due: Saturday 13:00 combine

Space Losers Bracket
Round 3 due: Saturday 8:00 combine
Round 4 due: Saturday 11:00 combine
Round 5 due: Saturday 13:00 combine
Round 6 due: Saturday 15:00 combine
Round 7 due: Saturday 17:00 combine
Round 8 due: Saturday 18:00 combine
Round 9/10 due: Saturday 22:00 combine


Space Round Finals

Due: Sunday 12:00 combine


Ground Winners Bracket

Round 2 due: Saturday just before midnight combine time
Round 3 due: Sunday 8:00 combine
Round 4 due: Sunday 11:00 combine
Round 5 due: Sunday 13:00 combine
Round 6 (Semi-Finals) due: Sunday 15:00 combine

Ground Losers bracket:
Round 3 due: Sunday 10:00 combine
Round 4 due: Sunday 13:00 combine
Round 5 due: Sunday 15:00 combine
Round 7 due: Sunday 17:00 combine
Round 8 due: Sunday 19:00 combine
Round 9 due: Sunday 20:00 combine
Round 10 due: Sunday 22:00 combine


Ground Round Finals

Due: Monday before 8:00 combine


Mystery Round Final

Finish by Saturday before Midnight Combine time. Any members of the team who do not complete it will receive 100 as their score.



Champions Circle will consist of winners of each round, plus the 3 best placed teams.

Winning 1st place in any of the events will result in forfeit from the other rounds.

All groups that compete at least once in a round will get a participation prize of their choice in Physical DC.

Teams are encouraged to forfeit early if they do not think they can make this schedule work. We know it can't work for everyone, and we will do better at the next iteration!

If you do not drop out early, and do not show up to do matches at the scheduled times you will not get your participation prize. Forfeit now and get rewarded or risk losing it if you won't make it. If you start your matches and then forfeit after losing, that's okay.

Once you lose twice, or choose to forfeit, you can relax and enjoy the show. Discord has all battle reports automatically posted and you can watch it live!


(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 215)
Posted by Clarr Solo on Year 22 Day 214 10:03

- Nearby combat events now show on the system maps and ground maps, and nearby combat reports can be viewed via the scanners.
- Sometimes a hard browser refresh is needed if it looks weird to you.
- There is a new setting on the look and feel page to disable it.

Pew pew pew.
(Audio by Baugrems)

(Edited by Mikel von Bianchi on Year 22 Day 214)

Hello everyone! If you've not been refreshing the brackets you may have missed a lot of progress this week. Both space and ground combat has been going in full force now with a lot of fun matches.






These are updated constantly, just refresh them every so often to see progress. Y22 D212 (today) we have about 12 matches planned so far. It's going to be a busy day for the brackets!


For Champions:

Make sure to be at the showdown hub a few minutes or more before your match, and inside the ready room. This can be found just one room East of the command center. If you're having issues, DM Baugrems, Kyle, or Falcon (or all 3).

As we move along we refined a few rules that may be confusing so let's clarify them here:


Ground and Space combat squads CANNOT be mixed. You group together like-types and that's how they stay.

You CANNOT modify equipment for the NPCs. Don't touch those screens. Just assign skill points and supervisors. Your faction (player in first column's faction from the list in the last sim news) will own the NPCs. Make sure privs are set up for the group to either use or assign the NPCs. We recommend letting each team member assign skill points as they go. The walk from spawn to the entrance of the arena is long enough to click through it usually. If you're worried, only walk to the entrance without peeking out. Once your NPCs are killed, you will be removed from the match. It does not matter if you have HP left or not. If you are stunned (1 hp) before you lose your NPCs, you must wait 1 hour before waking up. Your NPCs will return fire but are otherwise stunned with you. 

In Space Combat, the ships are assigned to your faction. Look in faction ship inventory, click the tab for Faction Assigned Ships and then filter by System. Look for "Showdown" plus some number (1-10). That will give you the ships. Assign them out or have privs set up for people to do it themselves. You all will spawn inside the Corvette with ships waiting in the docking bay.

All fire delays are 3 minutes long. Travel is 10 times faster. For both ground and space.

Be anticipating these rulesets.Unfamiliarity with the above can greatly slow your start to the round.


SCHEDULE IN ADVANCE - Look at the bracket and see who has potential to face you next. Message both groups and set up potential times. The team that loses will face you in loser bracket if you both lose, or the team that wins will face you in winner's bracket if you both win. Plan ahead, hit problems early. If a team agrees to a match and does not show up, they will likely be disqualified from the event and NOT receive participation prizes. Forfeit loser bracket matches with no penalty, but let us know ahead of time as soon as possible. If you do not feel your team of four can compete during this week at all, let us know. Participation datacards will be given to teams who at least do their 1st round of winner brackets.

SWAPPING GROUPS - If you absolutely cannot make a time work (Europe vs USA for example) we may be able to swap you out, but please try to find a time and exhaust that route before attempting it. All four groups must agree to the new opponents and times arranged before admins swap the groups in the bracket.

DEADLINES - Y22 D212 23:59 is the deadline to begin your first space combat match. Round 2 is due by Y22 D213 23:59. This is a tight schedule. So please plan ahead. Loser's bracket is one day behind winner's bracket. Have those done 24 hours after the equivalent winner rounds. Ground Combat deadlines are not set yet, but you may schedule those matches. Please get them done early if there are openings to make things easier for everyone. If you're knocked out of the space bracket, focus on ground right away. If you have a gap between space matches, sneak in your ground matches. And vice versa. Yes these are tight schedules but matches have been taking under an hour for space and about an hour to an hour and  half for ground at most. If there are scheduling walls that cannot be overcome, contact us. Do not panic.

Mystery Round deadline is not set in stone yet. Expect it to end in about 1 week. Get those in during down time. Should take only an hour or two of dedicated time and it's completely individual. Anyone who does not compete in Mystery Round will receive a default score of 100 (this is bad). The best score possible is a 4. Lower the score, the better. Make sure your members all complete it if you care to be competitive in it.

You are allowed to forfeit matches if you have completed 1 space and 1 ground match.


Winner of space, ground, and mystery rounds are all given a spot in the champions circle. If you win one of these rounds, you will forfeit all matches in the other brackets if any are left. Your spot is secured. The other 3 spots will be a based on placement in the other brackets. For example, getting 2nd place in Mystery Round and 3rd place in Space while losing ground badly, is still likely to get a spot in the final 6. We will weigh your total placements to find these next 3 best teams. Once we have a top 6, they will send one member to space combat and one member to ground combat. These cannot be the same person. Details are not being released yet on what the format for those will be, just plan to send 2 people instead of 4 if you make it there.

Your placement in the bracket is only significant for the top 8 of each bracket. Anything worse than 8th place is considered equal to 9th place. If there is a Tie, we will do a tie breaker round where each team sends one champion to compete in sudden death.

Our goal is to have the showdown over and host the champions round on July 5th or 6th.




The deadlinees for Space round 3+ and for ground are ready for release. Ground has been set to Friday. Y22 D218 at 23:59, first round is due. The next day, Y22 D219 the round 2 is due. Space Combat round 3 has the same deadline, then each day after is the next round until championship. This gives you the work week to plan both ground and space matches. You can do them earlier! Plan ahead get it done as soon as possible.


Space losers bracket round 2 is due today. If you need help/extensions, please talk to us.


Mystery Round is due by Y22 D220 23:59 combine time. If you do not complete it, each missing member gets a score of 100.


This weekend (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) will be very busy for those who continue to win. Except to do many matches that day. If you cannot do this, it's okay, you may drop out and get participation prizes still as usual. Once you do at least one ground and one space match you can drop out of the rest of the event and get the rewards. Please do so sooner rather than later. Let me, Falcon, or Kyle know. The brackets will be over this weekend and an inability to keep up will make it hard on everyone and result in a forfeit for you anyway. We are aware that scheduling has been an issue. We have given the max time we are willing to give at this point to work them out. Future events has lessons learned from this one.



(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 214)
Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 208 14:21


Cleaned up room connections and gave a better error message for bad rooms


Physical Datacards now have a uses status bar instead of a number listed in equipment view

Physical Datacards can now be split and merged. 

Friendly fire should be more difficult in combat now. Attack button won't show for friendlies.


Updated Physical Datacard rules page

Development Projects page given a facelift

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 208)
Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 202 21:09

Hello once again! Here is yet another post about the showdown.

Click here to see the latest bracket/results for the Space Combat round.

Click here to see the latest bracket/results for the Ground Combat round.


With 63 teams total, one team will end up with a bye based on the random seed. That will explain why each bracket has one team already advancing to round 2. This will not affect rankings and has been accounted for fully

These are Double Elimination which means if you lose once, you move to the Loser bracket which lets you redeem yourself

Now that you have the bracket info please try to set a time for your first match. Matches (IN SPACE COMBAT) must start by the end of the day Arizona time (combine time) June 26th. You can even do it as early as now but the deadline isn't until June 26th. The 2nd rounds begin, at latest, on June 27th. This mainly applies to the space bracket, but ground matches can be scheduled too. There is no obligation to do your rounds early, if you wish to wait until the 26th to do your rounds there is no punishment but it may be more difficult is all. We recommend that you plan with potential future opponents on the brackets to make sure there are times that work rather than waiting until matches are won.

Contact each other and agree on a time. Then let myself, Kyle, or Falcon know when that is so we can get you prepared.

The Mystery round will also likely open soon as well. It can be done one person at a time at leisure, but once started must be finished. I estimate an hour or two at most to finish it. Unless you really take your time... but no time limit besides being out in time to do your other matches.

The showdown hub (accessible via T1, T2, Tansaari, or Petabys stations) will have a VIP section to the far "east" with NPCs that ensure you are ready for your round. Speak to them before your set time with no equipment or party members. When your team is ready, let the admins know so they can begin your round.


Good Luck!


Edit: (clarified scheduling a bit above, plus new announcement below)

Mystery Round will be open to anyone, even non-participants (only listed champions will have their scores count for Showdown). 
Will this give advantage to having scouts tell us what's inside?
Nah. What's inside is a combination of rng, skill checks, and puzzle solving. It includes a game of Mastermind, a puzzle guess, and random fun npcs. Even getting the wrong answer has odds of success. Scouts will only tell you what they think are strategies, which can help, but now you know anything they can tell you, cause I told you!
Can we do it as many times as want?
One attempt per person. Might release Mastermind as a standalone game somewhere later if people like it.
Will it take time?
Depends. I had it take 5 minutes and had it take an hour. You are not timed it's about steps rather than seconds.
Can we exit early?
No. Finish it before you can exit the maze. If you have a match waiting, don't do mystery round. Do it during freetime. It's all individual.


Have at it!

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 203)
Posted by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 196 16:05

Current teams that have sent me their competitors. This list is not fully verified yet and may be subject to change on full admin review or if teams change people. I will edit this list again on June 16th showing final members. If you do not see your team on this table that means I have not received your list or you told me you want it changed. There are still 5 days left to sign up as of this post. If you notice a typo or have any questions, let me know.



Group Competitor 1 Competitor 2 Competitor 3 Competitor 4
Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums Max Ameeno Baca Ichiru Hanabusa Pat Rulla Logan Shivers
Arakyd Han Daragon Malzero Ghon Jesse Wiwa Mattheius Frink
ARK Va`Li Owa Luke Sabershaft George O Rourke Gido Goodheart
Aurodium Legion SoB Conners Dru Snotz Steveo Zen Troy Yoyort
BHG Kevin Wolff Voll Alucard Malik Usiu Marco Blakthir
Biotech Vee Null Thallus Ombian Kazoku Cinereus Ruhk Joruus
Blue Star Dominion Kara DuMonte Kaze Zill Tomas O`Cuinn Vadik Edik
Byblos Amirantha Dahrii Fulco d`este Cypo Med Anax Noctru
Celestial Group Ctov Shek Wes Dewback Juthorian Wrak Umora Fain
Chir`dona Gorag Kron Dawei Shi Aiden Taan Thearn Nightstaf
Corporate Sector Authority Furyk Kadyr Aurelio Quinton Rall Dack Kan Naminaus
DAMN Machiezmo Juggalo Dominix Trueshot Denton Dabbs Corvo Skarn
DOM Andre Archer David Archer Janos Syraktha Alye Minksur
Dukha Dan Hakim Larnest Kahn Virak Kira Teroch Qir-zan
Eidola Carl Warrington Argon Nightwish Umbeck Traxer Damyo Kruder
Endless Endeavors Garan Lode Lucas Isen Oobah Tuun Tor`vor Xess
FU Alston Nailo Rune Ravenwalker Sabrine Morah Trudar Enke
Gordian Reach Authority Bossive Ketwol Saba Ku Calex Van-der Plas Hazamuzee Seph
Guardian Rescue Corps Carth Falte Dreimah Leikbah Eron Demeria Kal Mumdo
Hutt Clan Burgo NaKuda Nah Olos Rieth Toran Sol Mazer
Industrial Confederacy Alexander Petrakis Vladimir Petrakis Lawrence Dreamwalker Rhiryn Jamsheid
Invid Dack Hardin Knightcrawler Morgan Lestrade Draith Shadux
IPS Ashura Harma Vesh Oleander Barjak Eaque Chara Kerman
Jedi Russ Leman Thragg Craghorn SyberJedi Nari Noble
JOE Ini Kedi Tilba Ugama Kolomon Seph Jic Uiji
Jou Lilith Delcroix Alani Myrtel Nirvana Novaborn Athrun Zala
Kerdos Neiki Corsair Diabolus`ut Persolvo Jaxik Seko Zaff Daroona
Koensayr Raptor Cardel Rina Kilaeon Game Vyse Burun Ukoro
Kolkpravis Rael sul C`an Qymaen sul C`an Gar-Skald Karth Cyal Knight
Kolohe Musashi Kensen Fryst Ulfur Eldhestur Knapa Dobbs Mottley
Kornova Edogawa Rowen Myattjat Feska Mishka Sorokin Phera Morbus
KotF Tolando Krieg Lanavander Olesa Mick Clarence Ryan Lahotep
Matukai Todd Wraithson Gonthork Squagmuss Raidan Spike Al Wing
Mandoade Gramur Krayteth Jevon Lambright Kai Oryk Kar`tayl Verd
Mecrosa Dominic von Black Daimon Luglok Jensen Odama Dac Kain
Mindabaal Photino Friovor Drax Whittler Jaiken Tansden Galain Quin
Nomads Ylvia Skelgard Jorn Stones Kodiak Voidjumper Nim Vokas
Novastar Damij Maximus Jaxon Al`zander Nimrhos Morvannec Dimitri Kanee
OMC Rick Alano Tas Enotis Janasen Gorden Qing Loh
Ord Cantrell Artemis de Chatillon Avelyn ca Vella Angwyn Eyre Ozzy Vazul
OREMC Kai Tykha Kal Rom Jamie MacLeod Wolf Nova Seraphim
PPC Kaeli Ayers Grice Zapal Jeyne Karling Mayrick Singstrong
Requiem Atom Mirrabel Iviin Debrek Jaylin Ritt Redjon Mirrabel
RRC Herik Verd Daniel Werner Brick Sandune Avianus Antornis
Sanctuary Allaina Musava Esu Kyuoto Lartog Ulmug Shyanna Jovanovic
Sapin Dorian Gasparin Berna Uruguay Makoto Melwick Degon Kurts
SCUM Jin Solas Bob Stryder Natalis Oro Kaja Teno
Shadolan Aylee Stewart Ran Sode Astrid Starchaser Issak Wik
Skyglow Bannor Skyglow Velocian Scylla Wrrlnik Speturra Krey Merr
SMS Jaria Feri Mika Noris Galia Winters Dante Erinith
Spectre Valeriya Eyre Jace Eyre Jhin Ayre Nikolaj Eyre
Starfighter Trik Kuh`runi Hemi Cuda Pikon Cardas Eira Cardas
SYT Algol Starrunner Darlene Bazinga Sam Lex Nordin Mantell
TC Larry Nolen Pres Hin Maligaant Menuk Shaynar Scarne
Ternion Zal Ragath Reyis Baldur Vir Calder Zacros Verite
The Echani Dominion Dane Star Edward Revanchist Kyp Arkanus Anubis Hothyck
The Sith Imperium Execurus Edun Christian Dale Oroka Sumoe Arthur Von Kaldreon
TIEFE John Calay Meister Nowi Ego Tsioge Blot Hlidskjalf
Tion Casten Maziel Waryn Faol Sean Dillininioh Colk Cody Marshall
TR Crueya Vandron Eli Descartes William Siethr Gand Xitwa
Veritas Lord Mustafa Mantra Sardis Zingari Rognir Luke Nethar
XXX Clarr Solo Hayden Atreides Kirlan Krane Ky Arrel
Zann Bork Shalas Karl Riber Cisrani Sabacc Lazarus Grimm

EDIT: This list should be final, pending anything I missed or mispeled.

(Edited by Baugrems on Year 22 Day 202)
Posted by Baxter Snow on Year 22 Day 199 16:02

Small sync today focused on improving the new Vendor features.


  • Vendors can now be opened on entities to which you are crewlisted
  • Added a new financial transaction tag for vendors
  • Custom items can be crated and sold
  • Added filters to the vendor pages to easily navigate items
  • Vendor rules page updated
  • Added a scanner grouping for Merchants with new icon
  • Removed ability to add duplicate records to vendor inventory
  • Fixed issue with other vendors seeing cargo already added to a vendor


  • Physical Datacards and Cargo Containers will now display the "product" as the main image, with an overlay of the "container" in the upper left corner.
Posted by Falcon on Year 22 Day 197 18:37

Alright folks, it's time for your bi-monthly Deathmatch Update! Deathmatch rounds have been advanced and I don't think I have anything more to say about that.



Now onto our grudge matches:

  • It displeases me to see that the majority of you are having at least a semblance of fun. Knock it off, or I'll have to try harder to make your SWC experience undesirable
  • Begrudgingly, we've implemented Ewoks as a playable race, at your request.
  • I'm just gonna ignore the request about NPC cargo... we all know that's never gonna happen.
  • And finally, it's my pleasure to announce the People's Choice Award for the Most Emo Paramilitary Faction: Silhouette! Enjoy your commemorative trophy seen below:


Now, onto this cycles NEW grudge matches:

  • Tell us which weapon type you use and we'll tell you we don't care. We'll probably nerf it.
  • Who's your favorite star pilot? If you spell favourite with a u then you're banned. In true admin bias fashion, I voted for Falco Lombardi. 
  • Chick fight round two: Electric boogaloo!
  • Finally, the SWC Administration would like to gauge your responses on which SWC creature is the scariest. Responses will be recorded, so choose wisely.

As always, here's a link to the grudge matches. Enjoy.

That's all for this week folks. Have fun