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How To Use

Placing buildings

  1. Hover over a tab denoting facility dimensions.
  2. Select a facility.
  3. If desired, rotate the building for proper placement.
  4. Move the facility to its desired location on the map and click to place it there.

Buildings can be deleted by clicking anywhere on them on the map.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Keyboard shortcuts can be used when hovering over the map.
  • C: Construct/places the selected building.
  • F: Fetch - when hovering over a building already on the map, "fetches/grabs" the facility type off the map.
  • D: Deletes the building that the cursor is currently hovering over.
  • R: Rotates the currently selected facility type before placing it on the map.


Various enhancements to previous City Designer concepts were envisioned when this City Designer was developed, below is a concise summary of the newly implemented features.

  • Checks for restrictions on facilities based upon Terrain and Hidden-status of the city.
  • Does not allow the placement of facilities that violate the 2-sides rule, when the box is checked.
  • Enforces no overlapping of buildings.
  • Implicit Validation on-design-load for all of the above, as well as explicitly via the validate link.
  • Automatic stat calculation, such as employment rate (ER).
  • Shows the number of freighter hauls required to build the city (based on the Mass/Volume of the required raw materials and Mass/Volume capacity of the ship type).
  • Comprehensive error detection in city design input codes.
  • Has a confirmation box for clearing the map, instead of a double-click.
  • Does not allow the conversion of empty squares to roads.