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When selected, the group leader (or member with assigned privilege) will see a list of all members of their group, their info fields and salary fields. The list is populated following activity criterion.

Veynom G-Adm Navy CO None Y10D100
DS-61-2 Pilot Razor Squad Conquest fleet Y10D105
Grayson Lt-Cmdr Fleet XO Director of Security Y10D110


Salaries can be given out anytime the faction decides to. The salary payment process isn't automatic so it has to be done by the faction member with the proper privileges once each day/week/month. The total amount for salaraies and bonuses will be deducted from the credit reserve of the group.

IF Sum all Salaries + Salary Bonuses <= Credit Reserve of the group THEN salaries are paid IF not, then no one is paid.

Bonus = What people will get for extra work they perform (making more deliveries than other pilots, being Director of Security & Fleet XO ...)
Both Salary and Bonus can be changed at any time, and the last actually paid amount is kept at the salary field.

Salaries are paid to dead players, as the system should keep the death of the member a secret. If the player is in the "active list" - actually logged the last day or a week, the member will be paid a salary.

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