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The Force
In these sections, the term "Jedi" refers to any character who is aware of their connection to the Force, regardless of the alignment of their Force Meter or in-character affiliations.

The Force is a mystical energy field that gives many powers to those few beings that can use it. Those strong in the Force have an unusually high amount of a microscopic life form known as midi-chlorians. Midi-chlorians are not the Force but are merely an avenue for one to get in touch with it and to become one with it.

"Well, the force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together." - Ben Kenobi, A New Hope

"Life creates it, makes it grow. It's energy surrounds us and binds us." - Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back

"It's like engine tape. It's dark on one side, light on the other, and binds the galaxy together." - Unknown Starfighter Mechanic

The Force exists in all living things, although only a limited number of individuals have the ability to tap into and harness its power. When your character is created and at certain levels as you progress and depending on its Force probability, the server will secretly determine whether your character is Force-sensitive. No one will be told whether they are Force sensitive as this must be discovered through game play. If your character isn't Force-sensitive when created, the chance to become Force-sensitive rises with their Experience Level (see Experience under the Life and Death rules). Only Force-sensitive characters are able to train in, control, and master the Force.

The Force Meter is very important in the development of a Force-sensitive character since it enhances the power and effectiveness of his powers (see Force Powers). The Force Meter is a reflection of a character's relationship with the Light or Dark side of the force, and certain actions performed by a character will affect their Force Meter. For instance, using the force to choke another character will move you towards the Dark side, whilst using the force to heal someone will move you towards the Light side.

"It is not the Jedi way." - Anakin Skywalker, The Revenge Of The Sith

Whenever a character uses a Force power, he draws upon his own private pool of Force energy. This pool of energy is called a character's Force Points or FPs. A power's cost is defined in its description. If a player doesn't have enough FPs to pay for a power, he cannot use that power. The number of FPs in a character's energy pool is equal to his Force Experience/100. FPs slowly regenerate over time until they reach a character's maximum; the natural rate at which FPs regenerate is 5 FPs per hour. To increase the rate that FPs regenerate, see the Force power Meditation.

As a Jedi progresses in their knowledge of the Force, they will gain Force Levels. At each level, 1 Force Skill Point is granted to the Jedi to spend on Force Skills as they wish. These levels also determine if you can complete certain tasks, such as constructing a Holocron or taking an apprentice. The Force Levels are defined as follows:

Force Classification Force Level Required
Force Attuned 1
Apprentice 15
Knight 40
Master 80
Grand Master 100

Because of the combat system used by the Combine, every offensive action requires a break afterwards when no other offensive action by that player is possible. With weapons, this is accomplished via fire delays. With the Force, it is achieved via Recovery Time or RT. This is a time delay after each offensive action to give other players in the combat area time to be informed of the combat, get online, and make a move before the Jedi gets another offensive action. This system is to insure that the Jedi can't repeatedly attack and/or kill another player without giving them the chance to respond. For each power requiring an RT, it is clearly described in the power's text. Any powers without a listed RT does not have one and may be used as often as desired.

The Force can be divided into four 'facets':

  • Telepathy: Force powers of the mind
  • Telekinesis: Force powers over non-living matter
  • Life: Force powers over living beings
  • Energy: Force powers over energy and energy fields

Each facet can range from 1-100. When a character becomes Force-sensitive, the Combine server assigns facet points to that character (see equation box). These facet points are randomly divided up between the four facets. Facet values represent the potential a Force-sensitive character has in each area of the Force, not the actual power they control. To increase their power, a character must increase their Force Experience level. Most Force powers fall into these four facets, but there is also a Universal facet, with a value equal to an average of the other four.

Facet points at becoming Force-sensitive = random between [300 * pow(0.75, (XPLevel -1)/5)] and [400 * pow(0.75, (XPLevel -1)/5 )]
Universal facet value = (Facet points at becoming Force-sensitive)/4

Mara has just joined the combine, as She gains 7 levels before she comes across an ancient Jedi Master who senses she is NOT force sensitive. She continues on with her life as normal gaining experience, When she is Level 13 she goes back to the same Jedi master who senses she has gained the ability to use the force. Her Facet level would be a random number between: [300 * pow(0.75, (11 -1)/5)] (=168.75) and [400 * pow(0.75, (11 -1)/5 )] (=255) . You get a chance to become FS at levels 1,6,11,16,21... and so on.

There are 32 different Force Skills available only to a Force user. Each has a skill value ranging from 0 (no skill � can't use this power) to 5 (maximum skill). All Force powers fall under one of the five facets. Each power is further categorized as Light Side, Dark Side, or Neutral. Any Force user can learn any of these powers regardless of their Force Meter.

Any power that acts automatically can be toggled on or off by the Jedi, so the power will act automatically only when the Jedi wishes it to be active, and/or while they have enough FP to use it. This includes such powers as Empathy, Speed, Deflection, Force Resistance, Force Body, Hide, and Meditation.

Some Force powers are restricted by armour, which means that if the Force Sensitive individual has equipped an item with an AP value, they will be unavailable for use.

All powers that have the ability to cause damage will cause a certain type of damage, either Physical, Force, Energy, or Explosive. Some powers cause damage of more than one type.