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BARC Trooper Helmet
Item Stats:
Equippable Slots: Head

Armour: 5
Lockable: No
Batch Quantity: 11
Cargo Stats:
Weight: 2 kg
Volume: 0.0500 m³

5,652 Credits

Required Raw Materials:
Quantum (Armour): 1
Meleenium (Durasteel): 12
Rudic (Electronics): 6
Varium (Droids / Equipment): 1
Biker Advanced Recon Commandos (BARC), Clone Trooper specialists trained to drive the rapid BARC Speeders, wore an improved version of the standard Clone Trooper helmet called the BARC Trooper Helmet throughout the Clone Wars. The BARC Trooper helmet was made of a durable, lightweight plastoid alloy which increased the helmet's protection while reducing the overall weight. The weight of the helmet was further reduced by removing the advanced air filtration and oxygen supply system included in the standard Clone Trooper helmet. This has the added benefit of providing the wearer with a more streamlined appearance to allow for better handling and performance while riding their speeder.

Another improvement found in the BARC helmet design was the addition of an advanced battlefield HUD that both aided coordination in addition to providing tactical information which was routed straight to the wearer. This enabled the BARC Troopers to utilize their speed advantages to move where needed on the battlefield, based on the information presented via the HUD. One controversial aspect of the helmet is that the eye slits on the visor were smaller than on the standard Clone Trooper helmet. While this limited vision, its designers believed that it would force the troopers to face directly forward when on their BARC speeders and prevent them from being distracted by their surroundings, allowing them to function more effectively at high speeds.