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Healing Stick
Item Stats:
Equippable Slots: Belt, Utility #1, Utility #2
Max Uses: 0
Lockable: No
Batch Quantity: 35
Cargo Stats:
Weight: 0.2 kg
Volume: 0.0100 m³

56,706 Credits

Required Raw Materials:
Meleenium (Durasteel): 3
Bacta (Medical Equipment): 3
- Biotech
- Republic Medical
- MedTech Industries
- Alpha Medical Corps
- Xucphra
- The Order of Kampar
- CryoMed Laboratories
- The Antarian Rangers
- Sienar Pharmaceuticals
- Galactic Medical
- Athakam MedTech
- The Medical Circle
- Eriadu Authority
- Centrepoint HealthCare
- Faerytail Medical
- Anzatan Medical
- Falleen Medical Contracts
- Elite Medical Technologies
- Dark Star Hellions
- Guardian Rescue Corps
- Murishani Medical Modifications
The Healing Stick is a common medical item used across the galaxy. A composition of elements and chemicals, including bacta, are combined to form a semi-potent healing agent which is then drawn into syringes for personal use and distribution. Bacta is a miracle healing element and the Healing Stick is another medical item created to take advantage of its unique properties.

The Healing Stick differs from other medical items, like the Bacta Patch which is only good for localized application, in that it is introduced directly into the blood stream of the patient. This allows the substance to quickly disburse throughout the entire body often bringing about better results. Medical technicians and doctors often use the Healing Stick to stabilize patients whose vitals are rapidly declining. While the Healing Stick cannot bring about substantial changes in a patient's health it can be enough stave off death or provide relief and healing for minor injuries.

Healing Sticks are commonplace and can be found in most medical inventories. However, due to their abundance, smugglers have taken to shipping drugs known as Death Sticks, which are identical in appearance to Healing Sticks, under the guise of being medical supplies for easy passage past authorities. Whether by design or by accident, large quantities of the drug have been mixed into the general supply of legitimate Healing Sticks.

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