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Trading I
Navigational Stats:
Sensors: 1
ECM: 0
Cargo Stats:
Weight: 720,000 T
Volume: 24,000 m³

Weight Cap: 600,000 T
Volume Cap: 20,000 m³

Max Passengers: 300
Hull Stats:
Length: 250 m
Hull: 3,220
Deflector Shields: 1,775
Ionic Capacity: 1,449

946,419 Credits

Docking BayHangar Bay302

Tractor Beams: 2
Heavy Laser: 5
Required Raw Materials:
Quantum (Armour): 950
Meleenium (Durasteel): 2,060
Ardanium (Fuel Canisters): 180
Rudic (Electronics): 225
Rockivory (Antigrav Units / Mechanical Parts): 90
Tibannagas (Blasters / Lasers): 28
Lommite (Transparisteel): 503
- *AXE* Foreign Legion
- Ailon Nova Guard
- Akheton Mining Corporation
- Alpha Medical Corps
- Anzatan Medical
- Aratech
- Ardenian Drive Yards
- Astaroth
- Athakam MedTech
- Aurora Technologies
- Ayervon Recycling Enterprises
- Baktoid Armour Workshop
- Bakuran Shipyards
- Baobab Merchant Fleet
- Biotech
- Black Sun
- Blackout Trading
- Byblos Drive Yards
- Cancerian Mining Corporation
- Centrepoint HealthCare
- Centrepoint Mining
- Centrepoint Space Station
- Centurion Arms
- Cerberus Corporation
- Chiss Ascendancy
- Cirrus Colonies Incorporated
- Cloud City
- Commerce Guild
- Confederate Mining Guild
- Corellian Engineering Corporation
- Corellian Transport Services
- CorEx
- Corporate Alliance
- CryoMed Laboratories
- Cybot Galactica
- Cygnus Spaceworks
- Czerka Corporation
- Dark Star Hellions
- Dorinian Military Corps
- Drax Industries
- DroMor Motors
- Dukha Industrial
- D`Este Realty
- Elite Medical Technologies
- Endara Mining Corporation
- Eriadu Authority
- Faerytail Medical
- Faerytail Recycling
- Falleen Gear Contracts
- Falleen Medical Contracts
- Falleen Naval Contracts
- Falleen Resource Contracts
- Freelancers Alliance
- FreiTek Inc.
- Galacian Mining Corporation
- Galactic Medical
- Galactic Solutions Industries
- Gesenix Mining
- Ghtroc Industries
- Golan Technologies
- Gree Mining Authority
- Guardian Rescue Corps
- Haor Chall Engineering
- Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.
- Horizon Corporation
- Huppla Pasa Tisc
- Imperial Mining Corporation
- Incom Corporation
- Industrial Automaton
- InterGalactic Banking Clan
- InterGalactic Ore
- Jedi Corps of Engineers
- Joruba Trading Corporation
- JUGANOTH Mining Corporation
- Kerdos Company
- Knights of the Fountain
- Knights of the Old Republic
- Koensayr Manufacturing
- Koros Spaceworks
- Kuat Drive Yards
- Kuat Systems Engineering
- Maelstrom Industrial Salvage
- Magnaguard Manufacturing
- MandalMining
- MandalMotors
- MandalTech
- MedTech Industries
- Merr-Sonn Technologies
- Meteora Enterprises
- Minos-Mestra Munitions
- Moebius Ventures
- Murishani Medical Modifications
- Myorzo Weapon Systems
- Nakesh Alliance Extractions
- Neuro-Saav Technologies
- Nexcore Mining Corporation
- Nikklon Mining Incorporated
- NovaStar
- Olanji/Charubah
- Outer Rim Excavations
- Outland Mining Corporation
- Ravagers Salvage
- Rendili StarDrive
- Renew
- Republic Medical
- Rol Recycling Corporation
- Santhe Corporation
- Securitronix
- Sha`kage
- Shobquix Yards
- Sienar Extractions
- Sienar Fleet Systems
- Sienar Pharmaceuticals
- Sienar Technologies
- Stars` End Mining Company
- SYT Transport
- Tapani Starship Cooperative
- Techno Union
- Tenloss Syndicate
- Terra Stryker Industries
- The Antarian Rangers
- The Empire of the Hand
- The Galactic Stock Exchange
- The League of Extraordinary Sentients
- The Medical Circle
- The Octagon League
- The Order of Kampar
- The Pentastar Alignment
- Tion Mil/Sci Industries
- Total Outer Rim
- Tresario Mining Authority
- Tresario Salvage Yards
- Trigdale Metallurgy, Inc.
- Trilon Inc.
- Triumvirate Mining Corporation
- Triumvirate Space Technologies
- Ubrikkian Industries
- Veril Line Systems
- Vorsia Gearworks
- Vyzerod Mining
- Xucphra

NPCs available:
- Builder
- Worker

The advantage inherent to space-based trading stations has been obvious from the furthest reaches of history. Because of the savings in time and fuel, when compared with landing and launching from a planet's surface, ship captains have always preferred to trade with merchants in orbit. One of the oldest and most common station designs for orbital commerce is known simply as the Trading I, or T1.

The T1's structure is arranged along two perpendicular corridors. Its vertical corridor provides access between the areas responsible for the running of the station. From the bridge at one end, to the engineering compartment at the other, members of the station's crew are never more than a few minutes away from anywhere they are needed. The station's horizontal corridor is flanked by two docking ports, which allow ships much larger than the various YT classes to connect to the station. The docking nexus sees a constant stream of pedestrian activity, and various shops and merchant booths line the corridor towards the central docking bay. While the bay is only capable of holding a few smaller transports, it is often used to unload shuttles which carry cargo from larger freighters and capitals, which leaves the station's two docking ports clear.

With relatively light defense, the T1 relies on other stations and ships for protection. Five heavy lasers act more as a threat to keep the occasional unruly trader in line, rather than as a serious station defense. In fact, the station was designed with so few sensors that it cannot even detect ships at the maximum range of its weapons; instead relying on satellites and friendly ships to help target threats. Though the station is able to support defensive fighters in its docking bay, station owners rarely take advantage of this capacity, since they prefer to have more space available for paying customers.

The smallest of the trading stations by a substantial margin a single T1 is not meant to be the sole location for trading services. Typically, several Trading I stations in combination with a few of their larger cousins, the Trading II station, are enough to accommodate most systems. When this station is found by itself it is usually as an out of the way meeting point. Small and relatively inexpensive single copies of this station are often constructed in deep space and used as rendezvous points for pirates and smugglers, allowing them to exchange goods and services well outside the reach of the law.

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