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Shield Generator
Navigational Stats:
Sensors: 21

Size: 3x3
Cargo Stats:
Weight: 10,980 T
Volume: 1,320 m³

Volume Cap: 120 m³

Max Passengers: 6
Flats: 0
Jobs: 4.0
Hull Stats:
Hull: 20,000

Energy: -25
Ionic Capacity: 20,000

487,533 Credits

Required Raw Materials:
Quantum (Armour): 31
Meleenium (Durasteel): 300
Rudic (Electronics): 694
Duracrete (Building Materials): 83
Varium (Droids / Equipment): 50
Lommite (Transparisteel): 12
- Alliance of Mercenary Consortiums
- Black Bha`lir
- Black Curs
- CorSec
- Ever Light
- GalSec
- Gree Trade Authority
- Guardians of the Fey
- Holowan
- Kolkpravis
- Mando`ade
- Matukai Dragons
- Mecrosa
- Mercenary Guild
- Permanent Solutions
- Sector Rangers
- Silhouette
- The Agency
- The Black Hand
- The Death Watch
- The Exchange
- The eXiles
- The Hutt Cartel
- The Infinite Empire
- The Invid Order
- The Wraiths
- Aurodium Legion
- Bothan Media Services
- Confederacy of Independent Systems
- Corporate Sector Authority
- Eidola Pirates
- Falleen Federation
- Galactic Empire
- Hapes Consortium
- Mandalore
- New Republic
- Rogue Squadron
- The Kingdom of Elysia
- The Krath Dynasty
- Tion Hegemony
- Trade Federation
- Tresario Star Kingdom
- Triumvirate Coalition
- Zann Consortium

NPCs available:
- Shield Technician

Shield generators are made in a wide array of sizes: from personal shields favored by primitive armies and riot police, to the massive devices produced by generators built to enshroud capital ships in a protective bubble. The planetary shield generator can cover a wide swath of a planet's surface in an impenetrable umbrella. Coupled with an adequate power supply, generators have been documented to include up to nine urban centres in their halo.

While unassuming, simply built structures, shield generators offer enormous amount of protection to a sensitive area. Shield strength can be regulated from its control room to allow certain ships through while continuing to block others. Often, defense complexes for megalopolises will deploy multiple generators to maximize the shield strength over a central location. However, even a single generator will add an extra layer of defense that can give defenders time to rally forces and send out calls for external aid.

Floor: Ground